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Problem With A Password? 4 Easy Ways To Do It

By admin
August 24, 2015

You want to create a password that is both safe as well as memorable. However, it is not easy as it is supposed to be because remembering it becomes harder by the day as you need to memorize it more and more. With the exception that your password is randomly generated, it is possible that you password is hidden somewhere in the back of your mind.

Forcing yourself to remember is not actually effective. So what can you do to remember your password effectively? It’s quite easy actually if you combine numbers, words, phrases and coding them with simpler alternatives thus ensuring that your personal information is safe.

Thus, it is quite necessary to come up with passwords that can be deemed as personal enough to remember however varied and complex which can ensure its security. Therefore, you should know that creating an appropriate password is one of the most necessary skills that you can put to use often. Below are the 4 most effective methods with which you can remember a password.

  • Ideas that are related to your childhood – Well you can take ideas from your childhood which can be the main theme whenever you want to come up with a password. There are innumerable examples, however if it is something like the name of an imaginary friend or a pet. Ideas such as these are popular ways to create passwords that are often easy to remember.
  • Letters for numbers – In this method, you can first think of a phrase and at the same time that phrase or name using the numbers written on the telephone number pad. Those letters will turn into numbers. At the same time, adding a random letter or even a symbol will help you to increase security of the password.
  • Numbers – Numbers often play an important part while conjuring passwords that can also include phone numbers especially of you have previous ones, important historical dates, well know sports scores, driver licence numbers and social security numbers, etc.

You can also opt for another interesting way of using numbers as passwords and this is done by how they are arranged on the keyboard of the computer. You can try for instance 54321. Sounds familiar does not it. So try it.

  • No space required – You can double the password without the usage of space. Try to type the password sans space and there you are done. The password strength will increase if you double the password. Thus, it will not be any harder to remember the original one. Just remember that you doubled the same.

At the same time, you should consider doubling an easier password, the length of it which can strengthen your password. Therefore, if you want to use the “doubling” method, you should be able to choose a word which is slightly easier and then double it. This way, you will have less to remember while you password will still be going strong.

So these were four ways with the help of which you can come up and save a password. As suggested by Supergeek PC repairs company. Avoid the simple mistakes and voila! There you have your perfect password to remember.

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