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5 Things to Remember while Leasing/Renting Dream Homes in Gran Canaria

August 28, 2015

Is Spain calling out to you? Do you dream of having the opportunity to just whisk yourself away to a beautiful villa in Gran Canaria? If you do but shy away only because the cost and the buying process scare you, then we have the perfect solution to all your woes.

Renting and leasing luxurious spaces are the new age options to having a beautiful home away from home amongst the picturesque landscape of Gran Canaria.

Real Estate agents help you acquire long term lets in Gran Canaria on lease for ten years or more for a reasonable one time pay. This ensures that you have a gorgeous place waiting for you on vacation without the worries of buying a property or the troubles of finding the right hotel.

But, there are things you should seriously consider while choosing to rent or lease dream homes in Gran Canaria:

Location- Now, no matter where you’re looking or what kind of property one is looking to rent/ lease, it is necessary to consider the location. The priority decision to take while looking for a rental home in Gran Canaria is to figure out what kind of location best suits your needs.

You can choose Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for its hip mix of a beachside and urban landscape, or choose a laid back beach house in San Augustin, Playa del Ingles or Puerto Rico. But, if countryside better suits your idea of a dream home, go for options like Arucus or Santa Brigida.

Features- List all your requirements to the realtor. You can lead with options like choosing between a villa, a beach house or a two bedroom pad. Also, specify if you want a sea facing home or a long term lets in Gran Canaria that overlooks the cityscape.

Further, ensure that they know your preferences on furnishing, facing etc.

NIE Number- It is a must to have the NIE number, which is a tax identification number in Spain, as a mandatory pre-requisite to rent any kind of property in Spain. The number can be obtained from the police office in Gran Canaria or from the Spanish Embassy in your country.

This process becomes a little easier for EU citizens as opposed to non citizens who have to submit a few documents.

Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent- In matters of property, it is necessary to choose the right estate agent who can not only ensure a proper deal for you but they will know the location and its benefits and disadvantages.

There are many reliable realtor services in Gran Canaria like, Real Estate My Home etc. who can ensure a hassle free experience in introducing you to your long term lets and dream homes in Gran Canaria.

Please ensure you have all the proper documents and a trustworthy agent to have a pleasurable experience renting your vacation home.

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