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Pros and Cons Of Choosing A Diesel Truck When You Need A New Truck

December 9, 2021

When it’s time for a new truck, you’ll be faced with the choice between gas and diesel. Both have advantages and disadvantages. However, if you use your truck for towing, you may already have your mind set on a diesel truck. If you’re considering diesel, there are many advantages and a few disadvantages to look at.

Torque and Towing

Diesel trucks best gas trucks hands down when it comes to towing. The powerful torque produced by a diesel engine means you can tow a lot more weight compared to a gas truck. If you are towing a large travel trailer, 5th-wheel, or boat, a diesel truck will do it more safely. That’s especially true if you frequently tow up steep grades. However, gas trucks often have better acceleration and horsepower compared to diesel. If you are not towing, a gas truck might suffice.

Gas Mileage

Filling up with diesel fuel has both advantages and disadvantages. While diesel trucks get better gas mileage, diesel is usually more expensive at the pump. Also, a lot of gas stations don’t carry diesel, so you may need to fill up at a truck stop. This can make it easier to fill up a gas truck.


Diesel engines last a lot longer than gas engines. In fact, a diesel engine typically lasts twice as long as a gas engine. When a gas engine reaches the end of its life, a diesel engine is just getting broken in. Next to towing capacity, longevity is a diesel truck’s biggest advantage.


A diesel truck usually costs more upfront compared to a gas truck. In fact, a diesel truck can cost close to twice as much when it comes to buying new. However, due to the engine’s longevity, diesel trucks also maintain their value better than gas. 

To save some money, you can look for pre-owned diesel trucks. These will be less of an upfront cost than a new truck would be, but because diesel engines tend to last a long time, it will still work well for what you need.

One cost to keep in mind when you own a diesel truck is that diesel engine repair is typically more costly. Additionally, not all mechanics are qualified to work on a diesel engine, so find one you trust as soon as possible. 

Cold Starts

Diesel engines can be harder to start in very cold climates. If you want a diesel truck and live in a cold climate, look for one with an engine block heater. Also, once started, a diesel engine should be allowed to idle in neutral for a few minutes before driving off. However, modern diesel engines have improved, and idling for hours is not necessary at all.

If you need a powerful truck to tow heavy loads, go with diesel. These have the power for more heavy duty work. However, if you only need a light-duty truck, gas might be a better choice.

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