Pros and Cons Of Mixed-Use Properties When You’re Choosing Your Next Apartment

October 26, 2021

Mixed-use properties are becoming more common as city planners utilize them to help build up both urban and suburban areas. A mixed-use property is one that includes both commercial and residential spaces so that more amenities can be packed into one place. When you are looking for a place to live, you’ll want to keep these pros and cons of living in a mixed-use property in mind.

Pro: Enjoy Easy Access to Local Businesses

The typical mixed-use building design plan involves placing commercial areas on the bottom floor and residential areas on the upper levels. This means that you can simply go downstairs and enjoy a meal at your favorite diner, grab some toiletries at the convenience store, or do some shopping at a boutique. Being able to opt out of a long drive means that you’ll spend more time exploring your new neighborhood.

Pro: Live in a Pedestrian-Friendly Neighborhood

This type of property is known for being more pedestrian and eco-friendly than plans that separate residential and commercial areas. This is because city planners also tend to incorporate elements into their plans that make it easier to get around urban areas. You’ll often find sidewalks, well-defined crosswalks and rentable scooters and bikes near apartments that are placed alongside businesses. This makes it possible to use less gas and energy to get around.

Con: Be Prepared to Live With Extra Noise

When you choose to live in a bustling part of the city, you will have to deal with some noise. Fortunately, mixed-use properties are typically built with additional insulation and features that help to cut out some of the excess sounds. You may notice more noise if you open the windows, but this can also be reassuring for people who enjoy living in the center of the action.

Con: Make an Effort to Get Out and Explore

You can also get stuck going to the same places all the time when they are located conveniently beneath your apartment. There are some definite perks to becoming a regular at the cafe downstairs, but you’ll also want to avoid getting stuck in a rut. This is also easily remedied by adjusting your lifestyle to include making an effort to get out and visit new places each week.

The ideal place to live looks different from one person to another. Yet, you’ll quickly find that living in a mixed-use building offers several important benefits that are ideal for anyone who wants to have convenient access to some of the most essential businesses in their city. Now that you know what you are getting into with this type of living environment, make an effort to tour one, like 26 Journal Square. You may just find that you can have the best of both worlds when you live above your favorite restaurant or coffee shop.

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