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React Fast: Protecting Your Business Premises When Natural Disasters Hit

October 26, 2021

Natural disasters come in two forms. Either there’s a warning and time to prepare for them, or they strike fast and without warning. In either case, your business could be in severe trouble if you don’t take immediate action. Here are a few steps you can take to protect your business when natural disasters hit.

Prepare a Continuity Plan

In the normal course of operations, you must create a continuity of business plan. This document details how the company runs when a disaster occurs. It contains comprehensive instructions on backup operations and how they are activated. It also addresses the necessary procedures to repair the premises after natural and unnatural disasters. It’s a good idea to make this when you’re first getting your business up and running, and update it as needed.

Keep Important Information Offsite

If your area is prone to natural disasters, then you don’t want to keep your important, easily destroyed information on business premises. This is a recipe for disaster. You don’t want to be in the aftermath of a disaster directing repairs for structural damage while also trying to track down your clients’ data. Keep this critical information offsite, or at least have a backup of it in another location. For example, if you’re in a hurricane zone, then store the duplicate information at an inland location. You can also back up digital information on the cloud.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Don’t wait to reach out to your insurance company after a natural disaster. The main reason is to determine if you’re covered for the damage. Though most policies help with tornadoes, wildfires, and hailstorms, they don’t handle flooding. However, by checking before natural disasters hit, you can purchase a rider for the additional coverage.

After a natural disaster, you need to contact your insurer to start the claim process. There are bound to be other businesses in your area that also need to file, so the quicker you file, the quicker you can get repairs and other issues taken care of.

Contact Restoration Companies

If the aftermath of the natural disaster isn’t complete destruction, you have the chance to salvage your premises. To do this, you’ll need to contact companies that handle these types of cleanups. 

For instance, if your offices are flooded, then you need to contact a commercial water damage restoration company. Water damage is common in many different types of disasters. Hurricanes, storms, and flash floods all come with water, of course. However, there are other types of disasters you might not expect that could cause water damage. For example, earthquakes can cause pipes to burst. Fires are put out with water, which can leave your business dripping once the flames are gone. 

Water restoration companies have equipment that not only removes excess water from surfaces but dehumidifies the area. These operations prevent the creation of mildew or, worst-case scenario, toxic mold. 

Through the quick implementation of these suggestions, you protect your business premises when natural disasters hit. As a result, you can more quickly recover to minimize the loss of productivity and revenue.

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