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Quick Tips For Keeping Your Manufacturing Equipment Working Efficiently

April 9, 2021

Proper maintenance of manufacturing equipment ensures that they work efficiently. It might be tedious to clean your machinery constantly, but it is worth it. Proper maintenance increases the lifespan and allows you to save money on replacements and repairs. The following are some quick tips for keeping your manufacturing equipment working efficiently.

Ensure Proper Lubrication

Proper lubrication ensures peak performance. It’s advisable to constantly check out for signs of an overflow of oil or grease around your machine’s pistons. It’s also essential to read your machine care instructions to ensure that you choose the right lubricant for your equipment.

Clean Your Equipment Frequently

Ensure frequent cleaning of your equipment by wiping off dust and removing objects caught up in various parts. Always hire a skilled person for the job. Alternatively, provide the appropriate training for your employees to ensure proper cleaning and maintenance. 

Familiarize Yourself With the Care Instructions

Specific care instructions are available for every piece of manufacturing equipment bought. Follow these instructions when disassembling your machines for cleaning. Always hire experts to repair your equipment in case of any problem. Another vital tip that promotes your equipment’s best performance is using the machines’ specific requirements as indicated on the care instructions. 

Have Different Production Areas

It might seem like a good idea for you to have all your manufacturing equipment in one production area. However, some generate by-products that may affect other devices. For example, materials broken down in a plastic recycling facility may find their way into other machines causing them to malfunction.

Invest in Appropriate Cleaning Apparatus

To successfully remove grease, excess oil, and dirt, tools such as pressure washers and water cannons are essential. Manually cleaning your equipment using soap and water may not be quite effective, lowering their performance over time. Instead, consider investing in one of these large-scale solutions that can keep your factory clean and running efficiently. A clean factory will both help boost morale and avoid any accidents that can come from an unclean work environment.

Replace Worn Parts

Keep up with you regular maintenance schedule by setting reminders on your work calendar. Be sure to check small parts that wear down over time, such as washers, nuts, bolts, seals, and so on. Look for a supplier of industrial washers and other replacement parts so you always have them on hand. Just be sure that these parts are rated for industrial use if that’s what’s needed.

Keep Foods and Drinks Away From Your Workstation

Foods and drinks contain moisture that may affect the functioning of your sensitive equipment. Frequent contact of food with the machines could result in rusting or other damage. These conditions could damage your machinery and makes them weak, affecting the overall performance of your manufacturing equipment.

In conclusion, the most important tip for keeping your manufacturing equipment working efficiently is keeping them clean and properly maintained. Some of the various ways to keep your machines well-maintained include lubricating them regularly, often cleaning, following the care instructions, and keeping foods and drinks away from your machines.

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