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Got A Mouse In The House? How to Get Rid Of It In No Time

April 9, 2021

There’s a mouse in the house. Seeing a mouse in your house can evoke many emotions from fear to disgust. Although it is just a little mouse, there actually is cause for concern. Where there is one mouse, there are often others. Now that you have seen that mouse, you can’t ignore the problem.

Why Mice Are a Problem

Mice carry diseases. They are able to easily spread diseases, such as hantavirus. Diseases are primarily spread through their droppings. If you see mouse droppings, do not touch them. Spray the droppings with a disinfectant cleaner, wetting them thoroughly, then using gloves, collect the droppings and dispose of them and the gloves in plastic bags.

Mice are also destructive. They build their nests using whatever is available. This includes gnawing on wood to produce shavings. The mice can weaken the structural integrity of the building they are in so it is important to catch them quickly.

Get Rid of the Mice

There are many traps, poisons and products available for mice. Choosing the right product requires a little knowledge about them. Poisons can be effective, but they may take longer. Place poisons out of reach of children and pets in locations mice frequent. The mice will eat the poison and die. The problem with this solution is, you don’t know where they have died and might not be able to remove them.

Traps are effective means of mice removal. Some traps kill instantly, some just prevent the mouse from moving or escaping. Humane traps catch the mouse and allow you to release them. The problem with these is the mouse may return. Glue traps stick the mouse to the trap. The mouse cannot get off and they will eventually die, often slowly.

Favorite Methods

Snap traps usually kill the mouse instantly and can be reset. Bait them with peanut butter, cereal, or any number of small food items. Set them in an out of the way location to avoid accidentally tripping them with your toe or fingers. When the mouse is caught, dispose of it with gloves. Calling a pest control expert is another great method for mice removal. They are familiar with where mice travel and entrance and exit sites. They know what works and allow you to avoid the problems of handling the mice yourself.

Regardless of how you get rid of your mouse problem, quick removal is essential. Be prepared to act at the first sighting, and avoid those frightful mouse sightings in the future.

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