Recent Developments In Cloud CRM Software

By Mark
April 10, 2017

Over the years, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) industry have enjoyed a robust growth. The demand for cloud CRM solutions grew as well. In 2015, cloud CRM software market grew by 12.3%, totaling $26.3B. Bold estimates are being made that the market’s value is going to reach $36B mark by the end of 2017. As you can see, the predictions are quite optimistic, it can be clearly seen that the market is in its growth stage and is nowhere close to stagnation.

The perspective and liveliness of cloud CRM software market induces software producers to compete even harder to stand out in the crowd. An excellent example of such competitiveness is bpm’online that offers a complete cloud CRM package – This package consists of 3 CRM products: marketing, sales, and service. These are seamlessly blended into a single platform to provide the most comfortable and effective tools for CRM. You can try bpm’online’s cloud CRM solution by following one of the links above. Also, to have a better understanding of where the CRM industry is going, let’s take a closer look at CRM features and trends that will cause the most buzz in years to come.

Rapidly growing acceptance of cloud CRM software

Cloud solutions, as opposed to traditional methods of software deployment, offer numerous benefits, such as ease of installation, accessibility, affordability, and many others. As more people started to become aware of those, the ratio of businesses using cloud-based solutions increased to the point of exceeding those that don’t use cloud CRM software. The biggest concern that impeded adoption of cloud CRM software was security. Producers of cloud CRM software dispelled those concerns by informing their potential users about the multiple steps they take in order to ensure security and safety of their data.

Cloud CRM software’s increasing usage of social networks

Given the current dynamics of CRM, employees are becoming increasingly reliant on teamwork and cooperation, not just within a department, but also within an organization. The only way to promote that teamwork and cooperation is creation of an open communication environment. Different companies achieve this objective differently. For example, bpm’online’s software provides its users with an integrated social network that allows employees to communicate with each other in a way, which is familiar to everyone. Better communication, in turn, leads to better coordination and, ultimately, better results.

Another way of usage of social networks by cloud CRM software concerns a different aspect: research, which gives your marketers and sales reps an opportunity to know their customers a little better. The software achieves it by tapping into vast amounts of information available at social networks. Given the sheer amount of information at social networks and the fact that it’s free, it would be unwise to neglect it.

Improved mobility of cloud CRM software

In today’s world, the amount of mobile-users on the internet – those with phones, tablets, etc. – is on par or in some cases exceeds traditional desktop-users with laptops and stationary PCs. It shows just how much people are becoming more reliant on mobile devices than their more stationary counterparts. The same also applies to work environment: an ever-increasing number of individuals use mobile devices in their everyday working lives. That is why it is vital to supply these individuals with sufficient tools. In order to be effective at their work, mobile-users need to have complete access to the functionality of the software in their devices. That way they can be fully productive without being confined to the limits of their stationary devices, whether it is their laptops or PCs. The ultimate effect of having fully mobile-friendly software will be evident for any business, especially so with mobile salespeople who have to work on-the-go vast majority of their time.

Cloud CRM software’s interdepartmental integration

As it was mentioned earlier, modern business conditions force businesses to coordinate interdepartmentally to growing degrees. Sales processes become more complicated and require examination of viewpoints and requirements of various departments. End result is worth the increased effort, as complex approach allows to ensure that departmental units work together to achieve a common goal. Furthermore, departments that work cooperatively achieve significantly higher results in comparison to those that don’t. To make that happen, CRM software has to provide a single platform for all those participating in each stage of sales process, as in the case of bpm’online’s cloud CRM solution that combined marketing, sales, and services into one CRM system.

Cloud CRM software is an excellent solution for any business, but it has yet to realize its full potential. Without a doubt, its popularity and overall quality will continue to grow in the following years. In result, more and more companies will improve the efficiency of their marketing and sales efforts through business process automation.

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