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October 21, 2015

Drinking tea has immense health benefits. Tea, a tiny leaf contains flavonoids and other naturally occurring antioxidants that prevent one’s body from many chronic diseases. Drinking tea lowers the risk of cholesterol, blood pressure and heart diseases. Reports say that drinking tea also helps in great oral and bone health. Tea helps in building up the immunity system and prevents neurological disorder.

The market houses different varieties of tea namely, black, oolong, green, herbal and white tea. You will also find a variety of flavours in the above mentioned tea variants. However, all of the above mentioned tea variants do not affect your health positively. The health benefits from black and green tea may differ.

Here is a comparison between the regular tea and green tea.

Green Tea

Green tea leaves do not undergo oxidation or fermentation as compared to regular black tea. Thus, it becomes rich in antioxidants, especially EGCG which is known for preventing cardiovascular issues and cancer. Green is the healthier version of coffee or regular tea. Green tea contains 1/4th of caffeine that coffee contains. Green tea helps in shedding weight and thus, it is included in weight losing programmes. It has a detoxifying effect and helps in rendering glow to your skin.

Green tea is available in quite a lot of flavours to have a positive effect. Honey and ginseng green tea are taken to bring boost energy. When honey and ginseng is combined with green tea, it can be prove to be refreshing, reducing stress and detoxify your body.

Honey is a natural medicine that not only helps reducing cholesterol and weight, but also improves brain health. Ginseng is an exotic herb known for promoting regeneration of body cells and reducing stress levels. Ginseng is combined with honey to reduce its bitterness. However, honey lemon ginseng green tea is the ideal beverage to maintain your health.

Regular Tea

The regular black or white tea is not as healthy as green tea. It undergoes quite a lot of fermentation. However, both of them come from the same plant and the difference lies only with the process of harvest. Black tea undergoes quite a lot of oxidization which then changes its colour and flavour. The fermentation process destroys EGCG present in the tea. In comparison with green tea, black tea is the less healthy option. However, black tea with lemon is still the healthy option than white tea. It strengthens your immune system by fighting bacterial growth. Black tea is acidic in nature and thus, needs lemon for reducing its acidity.

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