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Resources That Give You An Edge When You’re Selling Your House

July 4, 2021

Selling your home can feel like a daunting process, and it often takes longer than anyone would like. There are a thousand things to consider, and you may wonder if you’ll get the asking price for which you’re hoping. Additionally, it’s a market that can be competitive, and this competition could increase the time it takes for you to sell. Here are a few resources that might give you an edge when it comes time to pull up stakes.

Ample Time

There is no set amount of time to sell your home, but there are still some general guidelines you can follow. Some houses may sit on a particular market for months due to pricing or other factors. However, two months is the minimum you should allow yourself before getting anxious. Time is a precious resource, but you need to allow interested parties at least a month to make some offers. You may need up to another month to find someone to work with, get things in order, and locate your new dwelling. A company dealing in home buying and selling could help this process move faster for you.

A Good Agent

You could always sell your home yourself, but there are quite a few legal requirements and commissions that go along with this approach. Hiring a qualified seller’s agent won’t just expedite this process, although that is a big plus. It will also take a lot of the smaller details off of your back. The agent’s focus will be on finding the right buyer for the right price. This frees up your energy to focus on locating the perfect new home to fit your needs or preferences. You can also talk to the seller’s agent about any of the finer details that might concern you. This person will have knowledge of any legal requirements you might need to fulfill as the seller.

A Repair Team

Even if you’ve kept your home in great shape, it is possible that you’ll need to do a little repair work to show off its full potential. Minor jobs might be something you can handle on your own. However, anything that looks like a bigger problem could benefit from the experience of a professional. A team of experts will have the tools and knowledge to make sure your home is ready for the market by the time the offers start coming in regularly.

Accurate Records

Everyone is eager to sell their home and complete the process. However, you shouldn’t rush through the paperwork. Accurate records are an important set of resources you should not ignore. Records you should have prepared before putting your house on the market include your mortgage statement, HOA documents, and mandatory disclosures, as well as records related to any recent or major repairs, maintenance, or renovations. Buyers might ask to see these documents to ensure that the house is in good repair.

There are also documents you’ll want to ask your potential buyers for. For the most part, these records ensure that you’ll have qualified buyers who are prepared to make and keep serious offers only. It is not uncommon to ask for either proof of funding or pre-approval letters, so any buyers you talk to should have them ready.

There is no single correct path to selling your home. However, using some of these resources in tandem with one another could help you save a bit of time and money in the long run. It’s important to remember that working with the right agent can make the whole process easier and smoother. Selling as the owner requires you to take a more active role and could make it more difficult to get the price you want. The advice and support of a professional in this market can prove invaluable.

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