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5 Simple Kitchen Renovations That Can Make the Space Feel Brand New Again

August 25, 2021

Realtors generally agree that a home’s kitchen is one of its main areas of interest. While other rooms factor into a home’s value, most of us spend hours each week preparing food, conversing, and washing dishes in the kitchen. If you are planning to renovate the kitchen, be sure to consider the following improvements that can give this important space an updated look to accommodate several functions.


Since the kitchen is often the hub of the house, good lighting is essential. Consider the layout your kitchen now has or the one you plan to reconfigure. Then decide which type of lighting will be most advantageous. For example, you may prefer track lighting that will be out of the way and require little cleaning or maintenance. Or a pendulum light could add personality and style. An informal chandelier could work if you want to dress up the kitchen a bit. Make sure your lighting fits the theme and tone of the room overall.


Everyone wants plenty of storage space in the kitchen. You will need it for food supplies, dishes, and cookware as well as miscellaneous items like dish towels or potholders. You may want to reface or refinish your current cabinets if they are in good condition, and that should cost less than buying new cupboards.


New countertops would be amazing, but they can be costly, especially if you opt for a material like granite. If your current countertops are lovely but damaged, contact a countertop repair professional to see if they can be restored. Sometimes, minor problems like burn stains or chipping can be fixed, allowing you to maintain your current countertops.


All new kitchen appliances can really dress up your cooking space. Stainless steel stoves, refrigerators, and dishwashers are popular along with white or a color of choice, such as red or black. Get the same or similar model design to coordinate your appliances for a seamless look.


A brand new floor will put the finishing touch on your renovated kitchen. There are many designs and materials to choose from, but consider a waterproof style that will help the new floor to last longer and be safer for family use. Plank styles or natural looking tile designs enable you to match everything in the kitchen for a harmonious effect.


Enjoy your kitchen remodeling project by choosing elements that will make the room more attractive and functional than ever. Shop for discount deals when you buy quantities of items like flooring or cupboards.

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