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Spring Cleaning: Is It Ever Too Early To Prepare Your Home?

May 9, 2016

Who says you have to wait until it’s warm outside to start spring cleaning? Sure, ‘spring’ is in the name, but now is the perfect time to get a head start on your deep cleaning routine (or to develop one if you haven’t already). A few tips on cleaning and preparing for spring can help you get started with the process early.

Clean Flooring and Carpet

Vacuum and shampoo all of the carpet and rugs in your home. Synthetic carpets and rugs may be deep-cleaned with a rotary shampoo machine and hot-water extraction machine (which can be rented). Rugs without waterproof backings, such as Oriental rugs, require professional cleaning. Do not attempt to shampoo them yourself. Taking the time to vacuum them will ensure that they’ll be ready for a professional to finish them.

Dust and Polish

Dust your home thoroughly, working from the top to the bottom, so you can vacuum any dust that falls to the floor or carpet. Don’t forget to dust those hard-to-reach places, such as ceiling fans, window casings, shelves, top of the refrigerator, appliances, and cabinets. Also, brush bookshelves with a feather duster and wipe down books with a dry, clean cloth. Then, polish all of the metal door frames and window hardware, along with door knobs and other metal fixtures, like faucets.

Organize and Rearrange

Winter is a great time to de-clutter. Experts advise de-cluttering for fifteen minutes per day to be more effective. For example, begin by de-cluttering, cleaning, organizing, and rearranging the master bedroom in an afternoon (it might take a bit, but it will look so much better). Donate or throw away anything you don’t need or use to cut down on clutter. Then, the next day, you can move onto a new area of the house that really needs it.

Check Your AC Unit

If you’re not familiar with air conditioners, look up some information and do an inspection of yours annually, which will prevent future issues and unwanted repair costs. You can also inspect, clean, and change the unit’s air filter once a month. If you aren’t sure how to do this, ask someone who’s done it before. A typical check-up will include checking the thermostat settings, tightening electrical connections, and lubricating all moving parts. If there’s a problem you can’t solve, call a licensed repairman. Professionals, like those at HELP Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric, know that properly installed and maintained equipment can increase efficiency by up to 40%. If your system is running better it is going to be more efficient. Taking the time to call a professional can help make up the difference that you might fall short on.

Wax Furniture and Non-Hardwood Floors

Wipe the surfaces of wooden furniture with a soft cloth dampened with water and mild dishwashing liquid. Use Butcher’s wax, or another pasty wax on a cotton rag. Allow the wax to dry and then buff with a clean cloth. For non-hardwood floors (i.e. tile or linoleum) that have lost their shine, wax with a polish that is safe for those surfaces. Most stone and tile floors can be treated with either a paste or liquid wax.

Wash Windows and Walls

Unless you live in a place that’s relatively warm during the winter, you should wait until spring to wash your windows with a cleaner, like Windex, and your screens with soap and water. When you do, take the time to machine wash or have your curtains dry cleaned. For blinds, use warm water and dish soap, which can be good for wiping down walls and ceilings. (For tough spots on walls, use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers or Goo Gone).

Spend time spring cleaning now so that when warm weather arrives, you can go outside and enjoy it. Almost all spring cleaning can be done early. After all, any time is the right time to get your house clean and ready for any season.

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