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Steps For Coming Up With A New Product Idea For Your Manufacturing Business

October 22, 2021

One of the most challenging aspects for aspiring entrepreneurs is bringing their vision for a unique product to life. When you hear the creation stories of other outstanding e-commerce enterprises, the path to a final product is rarely straight. Even though it varies per industry, it can essentially be split down. To bring your product concept to the market, use the development structure below.


Coming up with the basic idea for your new product will be the first step. The best way to do this is by brainstorming. Get your employees together and start shouting out ideas. You can then narrow them down based on your customer’s needs. After that, you can move on to start coming up with ways to develop the idea further. 

Concept Generation

With the idea already in place, it can be tricky to implement the solution immediately without further revision. Therefore, after brainstorming, research begins to take place. Finding out if there is a similar product in the market and how your competitors handle their issues makes it easier to create unique products from the solutions highlighted.


Designing the product is one of the most important steps. As part of the designing process, you will need to choose what material to use. Durable plastics, like that used for access mats, are always a good option. After you come up with a good design, you can then produce a prototype. 

Field Test

The basic prototype has been made and taken out to the targeted people for testing. Making the product cheap and readily available will make room for more opinions and aids in minimizing risk. If the people respond positively, the development proceeds to be built as a final product. If the results are faulty, going back to the brainstorming stage is required to avoid loss.

Production and Enhancements

Production occurs after the field test, as it has been confirmed that everything is functioning as it should. How you use your feedback to make a product at this stage determines the product’s success as customers expect a close to perfect utility.

Ability to Expand

Updates on the products are made here. Your idea is beginning to come to life, and the possibility of business growth is inevitable if a good business plan and willing funders have been found. Market compliance also is a significant factor in the success of the product.

Without the appropriate idea management approach in place, this success story would not be imaginable. Because innovation is an essential part of any long-term company plan, many businesses rely on innovation software to help them collect, analyze, and execute the best ideas.

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