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The Many Faces On A Train Journey

By alina
August 6, 2015

Indians Railways are a pride of Mother India, being the widest and the oldest rail network of the world. A journey on the wheels of a train makes you come across many types of people. Here are the 12 types of people that are common on a train.

  1. The constant hopper
    Every time the train halts, this person needs to get down inevitably. You will find him sipping a cup of tea at almost every junction or exchanging a word or two with strangers on the platform. And when the signal goes green, he hurries back on the train, already waiting for the next station.
  2. The upper berth sleepyhead

Spontaneously after boarding the train, without caring to exchange a hello with the fellow co passengers, all he does is rushes to the uppermost berth of the coach. The berth becomes his own little world where he chooses to sleep almost the entire journey and in between naps enquires which station has the train just reached!

  1. The Restless One
    This person’s body and his seat are allergic to one another. He needs to get up every 30 minutes for either toilet breaks, standing near the door or simply to go and sit on any other available seat.
  2. The Creepy Flirt
    With the picturesque views outside the windows, train journeys can be quite romantic. Sometimes, casual flirting with someone can be cute. But the creepy flirt goes overboard and becomes the most intolerable co passenger.
  3. The One who won’t let you sleep
    Yes, you guessed it right. The snore-spree person. Al l you can do to save yourself from them is either plug in your earphones or save your ears with cotton!
  4. The Extrovert
    Extroverts are generally very great companions when it comes to a long journey. They have endless topics to discuss and kill your time. But sometimes, they do not realize if one wants to end the conversation and that’s when you wish their destination arrived sooner.
  5. The Lecturer
    Pathologically critical of almost everything around him, he just waits for a chance to start his lecture and behave like the most learned person in the world. He will judge you and also give you advices that you just don’t require. To find an escape from this one, just leave the company and go on your own berth!
  6. The Never Bored Gamer
    One of the best companies to have around you, this person has a list of games to kill the boredom. From board games like ludo, hide and seek, taboo and monopoly to cards like uno, they come well equipped!
  7. The Foodie
    He is the one who makes the most of food delivery in train. He orders his meals at different junctions to make sure he doesn’t have to compromise on his hunger.

Whether tolerable or intolerable, each person has something new to learn from. Sometimes, you might meet the same person again on another journey. A small world it is, after all!

Author: A travel enthusiast, the author lives to travel and travels to learn.  An occasional writer for, she merges her love for travelling and writing in her works.

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