The Others Side Of Beautiful With Muay Thai Training Gym In Thailand

September 13, 2016

If you know nothing about Muay Thai then the name itself would at least make you guess that it can somehow be related to Thailand! The roots of this integral martial arts program are in Thailand. The city where you might be planning to travel as a tourist can surprise you with its six weeks training at Muay Thai camp. It is quite an exciting sport which involves one to one combat but is quite different from kick and western boxing. Undoubtedly the players require lot of agility, fitness and nimble movements in the ring because it involves use of fists, elbows, knees and shins which are categorized as 4 limbs of the body. The word Muay Thai refers to “The Art of Eight limbs” and once you enrol for these camps you would understand the reason behind it!

It is becoming widespread internationally and Thailand has a notable contribution in making that happen. So aren’t you interested in knowing what the world is talking about? Here in this post we have covered four major benefits of Muay Thai which will urge to plan your next visit to Thai-land!

1. BETTER BUILD UP: Since this involves lot of physical activity, the camp arrangers have nutritionists to guide you about your diet plan. Based on your body weight and appetite the diet chart is prepared which gives you enough amounts of nutrients on one hand and balancing the consumption of fats and carbohydrates. This acts as a great booster in improving your physique and making you tougher and stronger! So you hit two targets with one arrow! Build apt physique by shedding excessive fat and strengthen you bones and tissues.

2. STRESS BUSTER: Before going to technicality as to how Muay Thai can help in relieving from stress, let’s dig into the general thing! How would you feel hitting somebody hard when you are pissed off? There you go! The same feeling Muay Thai gives you! Either you will hit or get a hit, in both the scenarios you would be able to detach yourself from the daily stress and become a happier and carefree individual! Plus you will gain self-confidence which increases the endurance of your mind and helps you in combating with problems.

3. INCREASES YOUR CONCENTRATION: It is not so easy to practice martial art because you have to put in lot of hard work and concentration! So this is how you are able to build focus on the things you do! You have to be very attentive or you can get hit badly. This helps you in increasing your focus towards things around you and thus sharpening your memory and increasing efficiency in work. It helps you in providing mental peace as in this camp you learn to be disciplined.

4. INCREASES HIP MOBILITY: Heavy hips are the cause of many serious medical conditions in the later stages of life. With Muay Thai, kicking and kneeing movements help in improving the hip mobility which helps you in getting rid of extra fat on your thighs plus soothes stretching.

So all in all Muay Thai gym such as Bestmuaythai is a wonderful training program which increases the body stamina and the core strength! Thailand has something apart from blissful beaches and that is the bliss of health through Muay Thai. Explore its potential for abound benefits!

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