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The Role of Leading Companies in Transforming Healthcare with Technology Solutions

August 31, 2015

One of the sectors that is increasingly looking for innovative digital technology solutions that can benefit both the service providers and the end users in a huge way is the global healthcare industry. Healthcare today is one of the most expensive industries that needs technologically advanced solutions that will help in bringing down the costs of healthcare, improve the methods of treating patients and attend to the increasing rate of chronic disorders taking the shape of global epidemics.

According to the global healthcare technology experts, using mobile application technology can come across as a big innovative turnaround strategy to bring about a change in the global healthcare scenario. Technologies such as social networking, cloud computing along with big data analytics have been increasingly creating a change and transforming the entire scenario of healthcare and its future. Healthcare industry is primarily divided into three sectors, namely, the providers, patients and the payers. Technology can empower each of these three sectors and to bring a positive change in their future that is ably technologically supported.

For the physicians and the healthcare providers, advanced mobile technology in the smart phone devices can help them to access patient information, medical databases, offer consultation services to patients at remote locations and also engage in discussions with fellow physicians. In this age of cloud computing, the physicians and the providers can collaborate and network on various grounds. The mutual discussions can also help in creating innovative solutions for the healthcare technology developers who study and analyze the different aspects of healthcare requirements both from the patient’s and the provider’s point of view.

A fast growing digital solution partner for over 30% of Fortune 100s across the globe, Photon Infotech Private Limited is dedicated to work on digital solutions, especially web and mobile apps that can create a difference in the market across industries, especially, the healthcare sector. According to the Photon Infotech reviews in the market, this company works on coming up with solutions that are smart mobile technology enabled and offers an all-round solution to both the patients and the providers.

Patients, now a days, are more technologically updated and uses devices that have applications to connect to healthcare providers and physicians instantaneously. The age of social networking and its power to connect with different people irrespective of location has empowered these patients to contact the best physicians and seek guidance and consultation in times of need. The networking between the various peer groups also enables them to discuss problems on the virtual platform and exchange information. The patients can also access the mobile apps that are developed by developers like Photon Infotech to offer variety of solutions and make them part of preventive programs to ensure that they are given solutions at any given point in time.

According to the Photon Infotech reviews, when it comes to the providers, specifically, the mobile app solutions help in reaching out to patients in a much easier and faster way. This enables them to further increase their patient base as the convenience to reach out to more consultants in cases of emergencies. This also helps in increasing the trust between the patients and the providers.

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