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Benefits To Removing Stumps From Your Property

August 27, 2015

Trees have to be removed for a variety of reasons. Some trees entangle themselves in power lines or pose a danger to your property due to their age or imbalance. Cutting down the tree may solve the immediate problem, but you’re still left with a gnarled old stump. Don’t stop short of fixing the problem; removing the stump completely can help you avoid greater costs down the road.

Stumps May Continue to Grow

It can be tempting to let nature take care of your stump for you. After all, it will disappear on its own with time. However, stumps can take anywhere from three to seven years to completely decompose, sometimes twice as long, depending on the type of tree. Nutrients stored deep within the roots can even keep stumps alive for a full year, causing them to sprout new shoots. Even long dead trees may have active root systems that continue to grow, damaging pipes, sidewalks, driveways and surrounding vegetation. If you must wait to have a stump removed, apply rock or Epsom salts to the area to stop its growth.

Stumps Promote Decay

Once your tree stump has died, you’re inviting all manner of insects, molds and fungi into your backyard. Termites, beetles and ants thrive in decaying wood. Once the stump is used up, they will move on to your garden, other trees or even your home. Stumps can also cause water to pool where it was previously used by the tree. This leaves breeding grounds open to mosquitoes and other pests. As waste and rot pile up around the tree stump, the rich fertilizer will fuel unwanted weed growth. These will quickly outgrow their nutrients and begin stealing from your surrounding lawn.

Stumps are Unsightly

Needless to say, tree stumps are ugly things. While they may not directly affect your property value, they create eyesores that can affect the chances of selling your house. Many Home Owners Associations require that stumps be removed in a timely manner to maintain the beauty of the neighborhood.

Stumps Complicate Your Yard

A simple task like mowing your lawn can become a hassle when having to pilot around a stubborn stump. They constantly cause more work and can damage equipment. Even the lowest cut stump can still destroy mower blades or wear out weed wacker motors. If your yard space is limited, they can take up a surprising amount of space and will constantly limit your home expansion projects. Ultimately, your home will benefit more from the increased space or mulch provided by a ground stump.

Stumps are Dangerous

Stumps often have jagged edges, uneven surfaces and thick root systems. These cause safety hazards to children playing in your yard. If neighboring kids or adults injure themselves on your land due to a stump, the responsibility to treat their wounds will fall on you.

Removing a stump can be dangerous. While it can be tempting to pull it up with a chain connected to your car, there is no telling how deep the network of roots run. Avoid car, home or bodily harm. Hire a professional removal service as soon as the tree is cut.

If you’re interested in tree trimming or stump removal try out Valley Tree Managers. They are a full service cactus, tree, and stump removal company who have been around for years!

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