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The Upsides Of Moving Your Business Into An Older Building

January 27, 2016

The 21st century provides companies with myriad office space options. This includes new construction in office parks with diverse amenities, to older developments in more ideal locations, and others go completely online with no physical location at all. Depending on the business model, decision-makers can custom fit needs for budgets, employees, and customers. Older buildings have six unique factors that make them a leading contender for businesses looking to get ahead. Here is a review of each one.

Potential Upgrades

Management teams in older buildings are flexible when it comes to needed upgrades. For example, they are receptive to adding flooring, lighting, and technology connections. Fresh paint in colors other than standard white and beige are probably negotiable here as well. Logistics managers can solicit the services of a business building repair company like Sullivan Engineering for guidance throughout the process. Managers can also look into other repairs that may need to be done like the relevance of leak investigation for an older building with a lot of water infiltration areas.

Architectural Design

Older buildings generally have an architectural signature that newer structures will not. This blends the business culture from the past into the future. Some examples could include the shapes of hallways, ceiling heights, types of windows, and more. The exteriors will lend themselves to the same inspiration from trailblazers that laid the economic groundwork. It is a connection to your businesses roots and area’s history without the businesses model itself being outdated.

Historical Context

Some older office spaces will be located in historically maintained buildings with a status on national registries. As a new tenant, this is an opportunity to start dialogue with existing and potential customers. Branding is critical for businesses that want to stand-out. Headquarters in a renowned location can be used on literature and as a landmark for directions.

Cost-Saving Lease

Affordable leases will be found in established buildings in many cases. They will also have more packages available to garner tenants. In addition, during the negotiation phase, businesses could secure incentives that make long-term leases appreciating assets. The ROI could be realized in the early years of the lease term.


Changing office space is an ideal time to find locations that are commuter friendly for the majority of employees as well. They should be close to interstates and on bus lines. Additionally, this opportunity could be used to move close to business amenities such as printers and other required vendors.


Although parking is the last one reviewed, it is usually the first on any corporate move checklist. There are generally costs for employers and employees that can come in the form of key cards and the amount of parking space per company. Finding an older development is a prudent time to tweak the budget while gaining more parking spaces.

While cutting edge technology in office space is alluring, older buildings bring charm with the potential to have newer upgrades incorporated. Management companies are cognizant of this industry reality. They are willing and ready to facilitate the need of each new tenant.

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