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Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping Online for Gifts

June 16, 2016

Admit it – shopping online for gifts not only saves you money but is convenient in other ways too. You just need a net connection and you can have access to these shops from anywhere in the world. Be it New Year or that special someone’s birthday, shopping online for gifts is an altogether different experience. However, you need to ensure that this experience is to your liking and does not turn into a nightmare. Before you send gifts to Delhi or any other remote part of the country, consider the following things when shopping for gifts online.

  1. Payment: If you are shopping for the first time from a particular website, go to the website from top to bottom. Check out their testimonials and if after that, you are still hesitant about paying by card, contact the customer service directly and clarify ally our doubts.

  2. Cancellation: If you have to cancel the order, make it a point to do that at least two to three days before since it will be hugely inconvenient for the website if it ships your order and then you decide o cancel it. Also, in case the next time you want to order from there, you might not be entertained like before. Remember that you can afford to buy gifts on a whim but cancelling them on an impulse is a different thing altogether.

  3. Communication: Every online selling shop has various ways to contact them – their email, phone number and in some cases WhatsApp. If you have any doubt, do not think twice before contacting them or their representative. If you have time, the best way to approach would be through the mail. This way you will have a proof of your communication in case things go haywire.

  4. Return Policy: On condition that you are not satisfied with your product, you always have the option to return it and get your money refunded or buy the same product again. However, you must bear in mind that should the product is damaged due to reasons not covered by the website’s policy – then you cannot return it. Also, it is a given that you must return the product as soon as possible from the day of delivery.

  5. Physical Address: To ensure smooth and on time delivery, always provide the correct address. Sometimes when you are distracted, you might make the mistake of giving your address instead of the person you are sending your gift to. To avoid such mistakes, read whatever you have mentioned multiple times. Also, things which might seem minute to you are really important – pin codes, telephone numbers and landmarks should not be taken lightly.

Now, that you have a rough idea about things to keep in mind while shopping online for gifts send gifts to Delhi or any other part of the India without much worry and continue to surprise your loved ones.

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