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The Latest In Noise Reducing Technology Is Roadwork Barriers From Echo Barrier

June 14, 2016

The word on the street would be, “Dust and noise from road construction seems on-going year round.” if you could hear the word on the street. Yes, road construction is a loud noisy and dirty business.

The UK is in the midst of a huge infrastructure upgrade right now and it’s more than likely that you only have to step outside your front door to find a building site or a utilities works upgrade happening near you. Everyone loves upgrades, but do we have to go through so much to get the improvement?

We are fortunate to have a way now to quiet the noise and cut down on the debris from road construction now with Roadwork Barriers acoustic fencing from Echo Barrier.

These sound absorbing barriers make it much safer for employees and passers-by. The advanced technology is designed to be light weight, easy to handle, easy to store and transport. This product is good for all types of road construction including freeways, highways, country roads, and city streets.

Roadwork Barriers from Echo Barrier are a flexible, light weight, hand stitched product that is patent protected. It has a one of a kind waterproof lining on the back side. These products do not wear out from extreme weather of any kind. The material used is PVC of light weight and density.

We have all heard the saying, “There are two seasons, winter and road construction.”, but even in winter we are getting road construction in areas. It is a busy world!

Multiple panels of Roadwork Barriers can be joined together to make a strong noise barrier wall around a construction site to quiet the noise and vibration from even the noisiest construction drills, vibrations and banging. They can be doubled or tripled up for noise “hot spots”. These barriers have been tested to withstand up to minus forty degrees Fahrenheit. They can withstand high pressure waterjets and still perform to maximum standards.

They come in a wide range of colors and can be branded with a company logo if desired. These noise absorbing barriers have a unique roll up design for storage and transport. They are fire retardant and to aid night time visibility they have reflective strips attached. Unlike other products there is no rockwool or fiberglass used in the manufacture of Roadwork Barriers by Echo Barrier.

It is very important to include noise reduction solutions in your management plans. Appreciation from the community will be pointed in your direction for the kindness your company displays in caring enough about the major disruption road construction causes to everyone in the area.

The beauty of Roadwork Barriers from Echo Barrier is that they can be purchased or hired out per use, and they are cost effective. If you purchase the product there is a buyback policy. The used products are recycled, or reused.

At an awards ceremony at the Houses of Parliament, Roadwork Barriers from Echo Barrier were recognized with an award from the Institute of Acoustics for innovative products that reduce noise pollution in the environment. World-leading acoustic engineers are behind this great noise reducing technology, Echo Barrier has over 30 years of practical experience in the field of noise control. Detailed technical support is provided by Echo Barrier.

Roadwork Barriers are a good thing all the way around, since they alleviate stress and potential health issues for employees who are exposed to constant noise, in addition to the outside population. For more information please call Echo Barrier today.

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