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Tips On Solving And Fixing Router Problems

May 9, 2016

Your wireless network is a step above the Ethernet cables that were used for networking a few years ago. A wireless system is effective, costs less and is reliable. But like most things, it is not infallible. There are problems one faces with wireless networks. Hence, it is important to know how to fix them.

A router is an expedient that allows multiple devices to connect to the same wireless network at once. When a router malfunctions, it is because of a few select problems that are most likely to occur. They are quite expensive, hence it is important to know how to fix an existing problem than to go and purchase a new one. Routers are compatible with all usage, but that does not mean they are not vulnerable to a few problems.

Problems with your Router       

Because having a wireless network is so popular, you also need to have a well-functioning router. A well-functioning router does not mean it is not problematic, rather you can solve those problems faster once you understand how the device itself works. Some of the most common router problems that wireless network users face include:

Slow Router

If a router is slower than usual, then you might not bother fixing it. However, when it gets so slow that it disallows you to work on it properly; you are required to look into it. One of the solutions is to look around for something that works on a 2.5GHz band. Microwave ovens, baby monitors and even garage door openers are one of the many things that work on that channel. If you have added one of these recently, then consider changing the channel of your router to one which is relatively private. It is very easy to know the cause of a slow router, take immediate action and don’t let the speed hinder your work.


It is important to keep your router up to date at all times. This can be done through the power or router’s website.  Using the setup utility that came along with your router or adapter, find out which firmware you possess. Compare and get a better version.

Over Crowding

It is possible for your router to slow down when there are too many people connected to it. Usually, it is because there are people playing games, downloading movies or streaming videos on your router. It is important to purchase a package that does not affect the speed of the router. However, if you feel people are accessing it legally, the best option is to password protect it.

Lost Password

This is a very common problem. People often forget their password, especially if left unchanged for a long time, without anyone asking about it. It might seem hopeless, but to fix this, all you need to do is to restore your router to its factory settings.

A router is a piece of technology that is crucial to your wireless system. With the proper care and regular upgrading, it can work without problems for years.

David Hendry writes articles for people who are new to the wireless network. He explains the possible problems they might face and how to solve them. For more complicated problems, he refers his readers to click here and get real professionals to help.

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