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Tips To Develop Effective Landing Page For Successful PPC Campaign

December 3, 2015

Landing pages are designed with one clear goal in mind i.e. conversion. Type of conversion could either be about gathering more valuable information about visitors through lead generation or about creating sales directly. So, in order to get optimal results for all your efforts towards a successful PPC-based digital marketing campaign, it is necessary to optimize your targeted landing page for conversion. An ideal PPC landing page is particularly created has a clear call-to-action (sign-up, download, trial, purchase) and clearly demonstrates the service or product with respect to the keywords the user has just entered. This helps in persuading the visitor to complete the desired action on the page, thus leading to better rate of conversion. Here are some useful tips that can help you create targeted landing pages that convert.

Continuity Matters

It could drive the visitors away if clicking on an ad leads to a page which doesn’t even answer their questions. Hence, it is important to ensure continuity is there right from your keyword and ad to your landing page. Not just this, it would also help in improving your position on Adwords Quality Score algorithm. Some ways to keep continuity intact from keywords to landing page are:

  • Insert dynamic keywords
  • Use headline of your ad as the headline on your landing page
  • Make call-to-action on your ad the same as the one on your landing page

Keep it Simple

Needless to say, you need to be clear and concise about the benefit and key features of product or service being offered by you. It should be mentioned below your main heading. Further, ask only for those details which are relevant from in terms of knowing the customer better; as people won’t bother filling forms which require too many details before they go to the targeted webpage. Avoid putting in paragraphs of information about the product / service and write the three most valuable benefits in bullet points. Make sure that the landing page has a proper ‘thank you’ page and allows users to use their social media accounts to sign up.

Remove Distractions

Whether the CTA is about downloading a PDF or a white-paper, subscription to a free trial or about joining your mailing list, make sure you ask your user to perform only a single action at a time. The call-to-action on your landing page should be around your most important business expectation from a PPC campaign. Giving too many conversion-centric options to the user might leave them confused and chances are that they might not choose any of them and instead go to another website altogether.

Device-Specific Optimization

The sky-rocketing pace of digital proliferation calls for making landing pages to be responsive when viewed from devices such as smart phones, tablets etc. More and more people now access the internet through these devices and hence, it is quite possible that visitors would ignore non-responsive landing page which are difficult to neither read nor understand. With mobile responsive landing pages, your chances of capturing leads or generating sales from mobile users can surely go up by several notches.

Some More Effective Tips to Keep in Mind:

Alike other web-pages, make sure your landing page has optimized page settings that are targeted specifically for the keywords or keyword phrases that you have identified during keyword research.

Add visual elements to your landing page but avoid using common images from stock photography that are already being used by many other websites. It is better to create new graphics which clearly depict the products/services being offered. Further, adding an engaging video emphasizing on the benefits of your product would yield better results in terms of conversion rate.

Include elements that can help you win trust of the users. Business certifications, privacy policies, awards from recognized bodies, customer reviews and testimonials, and trust icons from business review companies are some of the elements that can remove mistrust and hesitation that a visitor might have while taking actions leading to conversion.

Test your landing page well and tweak all potential bugs and other element before making it live to your visitors.

Landing pages are crucial for the progress and success of your PPC campaigns as these are responsible for turning site traffic into valuable conversions: either through the lead-generation or commencement of sales. Hence it is quintessential for you to associate with best PPC companies in India to derive optimum results to make the best of digital marketing efforts for your business.

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