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Top 3 Ways Your Business Can Use Reddit For Growth

September 21, 2015

Reddit touts itself as the “front page of the internet” and its avid users will agree as many of them spend hours browsing its veritable pages each day. It is by definition an entertainment, social networking and news website. It is ran by user submitted content that other users vote up or down and comment on. The more popular a post, the higher it will be on the rankings.

Why Your Business Should be Using Reddit

Reddit has 35 million unique visitors and over 2.8 billion page views per month. These impressive numbers are all people that can be exposed to your brand if you know how to use Reddit to receive attention for your business. It is important to know that it is not like Facebook, where you pay for advertising and receive likes or followers. It is not like Twitter, where followers seem to come easy but interaction – not so much. It is a unique site that allows people to interact on a level that is found no where else online. Big companies such as Xbox, and Huffington Post use Reddit to interact with their fans. The key word here is interaction. Your company can put its finger on the pulse of what your customers actually want while allowing users to also get to know you on a more personal level. Remember that it is not a place to “sell” your product or service. It is a place to build a name and get to know your clients, and the sales will happen organically. It does have sponsored links but they will get ignored by users if it is too much like a typical ad.

3 Ways Your Business Can Use Reddit

  1. You can offer interviews. In the AMA section users make themselves available to be asked anything. You simply format it as who you are and an interesting thing you do, and end it with “Ask Me Anything”. For example “I am Name, I am a dentist who treats patients from the U.S. in Mexico because they cannot afford insurance in the U.S., ask me anything.” Your AMA should be catchy, but many people find other walks of life interesting so if worded correctly any job should be able to stir up an interactive AMA.
  2. You can use Reddit as a customer service portal where users can address questions about your service or product with fast interactive answers. It can also be used as a place to post your company calendar and updates.
  3. The main goal of Reddit is going to be a lot of user interaction. If your clients are talking about and/or posting pictures of your product in use then more people will respond and your brand can spread through Reddit quickly. You can interact with fans through contests with user submitted images, and prizes for the winner. Any buzz you can get around your product or name through stories, real interaction, humor, and genuine human behavior behind the company will increase your karma on the popular website.

Remember that building a large network on Reddit can take time, just like networking in real life. However, much like networking in real life cyber world networking on Reddit can result in surprising and valuable connections.

David has been a search and social geek for the last 16 years. He loves new tech, beta testing, coding, and helping business owners find their audience.

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