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Here Are 5 Secrets You’ll Discover In Cosmetology School

September 21, 2015

Thinking of training to become a cosmetologist but not sure what to expect? Check out these five makeup and beauty secrets you can expect to learn while attending cosmetology school. Knowing these tricks of the trade can help you jumpstart your new career.

Interested in attending cosmetology school? Learn more about what you can expect to learn through this type of program.

Which Tools to Use

According to “5 Makeup Skills You Learn in Cosmetology School,” one of the most important things you’ll learn while training to become a cosmetologist is how to use cosmetology tools. Knowing which tools to include in your cosmetology arsenal is essential information that will help you hit the ground running as a cosmetologist. Confidently selecting the right tool every time critical to providing the best result for your clients.

Along with knowing which tools to use, you’ll also learn how to properly clean the tools. Maintaining a clean workstation is essential as a cosmetologist. This keeps your clients safe, maintains your professional reputation and also ensures you’ll pass any unexpected inspections.

How to Highlight Features

Not quite sure how to use makeup to highlight the features of clients? Never fear! This is a skill you can expect to learn while attending cosmetology school. You can expect to learn that your job as a cosmetologist isn’t to mask the features of your clients. Rather, you’ll gain the knowledge needed to use the tools available to you to highlight and enhance features. Gaining this knowledge and using it to the best of your ability can help advance your career in this field.

Match Makeup with Hairstyles

Learning how to match makeup with hairstyles is an important part of being a successful cosmetologist. Your future clients will want you to create a finished look for them every time, and one element of doing this is making sure that the makeup you select works well with their hairstyle and clothing. You can expect to learn more about this topic while attending cosmetology school, including how hairstyles and colors can impact the application of makeup.

Master the Color Wheel

Understanding how colors contrast and complement each other is an important part of working as a cosmetologist. While attending cosmetology school, you can expect to learn about the color wheel and use this knowledge to apply its principles to your work. The more you know about how colors work together, the better prepared you’ll be to select the best makeup color blend every time.

How to Instruct Clients

As a cosmetologist, you won’t just be providing services to clients. You’ll also be offering advice. In cosmetology school, you’ll learn about the appropriate ways to give clients advice on makeup choices, tool purchases and more. You may also learn more about the dos and don’ts of giving advice to clients.

Not sure what to expect as you start cosmetology school? From discovering which tools cosmetologists use to learning how to highlight the features of your customers, you’ll likely learn many tricks of the trade while completing this type of program.

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