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Top 5 Reasons To Create A Family Tree

By admin
July 22, 2015

Keep forgetting your friends’ birthdays? Want to make your dear ones feel special? Want to connect with your family members in a fun way? Well, here’s s something that will make all of it so much easier and fun.

Family trees can be a great idea to keep your family close to yourself. It is always a good thing to keep your loved ones near you as they are the ones who will love you and care for you even if you have a bad office record or a bad fashion sense. They are the ones who we turn to in times of need as well as celebration so, create your own family tree and let a regular flow of love begin. Some reasons why it is cool to create a family tree are listed below-

1. Remember Events

Well, what we easily forget in today’s fast-paced life is expressing love to our dear ones. We usually forget their birthdays and anniversaries because we are totally engrossed in our work and are exhausted by the end of the day but what we need to realise and work upon is that nothing can replace a family. So, just create your own family tree website and send newsletters to every member reminding them of birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers and get together.

2. Leave a Legacy

How would you feel if your descendants forgot that you existed after you are dead? Not a great idea. So, let all your kids and grandkids know how cool your generation was by creating a free family tree for them online! It also lets the family history be recorded for people to check out and can be passed on from one generation to the other. Just pass on the passwords or create new passwords to let in new members and you also have the option to choose which member gets access to what information.

3. Learn New Things about Your Family

You might not know but you may be related to a famous personality through a distant relation or your ancestors may have participated in a famous historical event that would make you a proud descendant. You might also get to know about the time in which your ancestors lived and what all occurred that led to their lives being as they were. There is so much to know!

4. Be a Part of History

Who knows where your family tree may be found after decades and what all information it might reveal. You may not know now but you might be discovered through your family tree as a part of a famous historical period. Your descendants might become the President or rock stars and you might just be declared the great-grandpa of the famous Eminem or Beyonce! Cool, isn’t it?

5. Memories

Time passes by but what always remain are beautiful memories that we created with our family. Memory is a tool that keeps a family connected through beautiful events and moments that every member of the family shared with one another. Pass down an awesome collage of hand-picked memories to your descendants to cherish them forever

Keep a tab on all the family events, tag your friends and relatives, form genealogy maps and let everyone know where you come from and who are your ancestors- it is all just a click away! Check out a family tree chart maker online to create innovative family trees. One of the most popular websites is which lets you create your own private website for gathering and sharing information. So, go, create your own legacy!

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