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Vitiligo – White Spots, Black Thoughts, Bright Future

February 26, 2016

Vitiligo is a skin and mucous membranes characterized by the presence of white spots also chalk color that contrasts with the normal surrounding skin. It is estimated that 1% of the population is affected by vitiligo worldwide. Both women and men have the same risk of developing the disease, and nearly half of patient’s onset is early, before the age of 20 years. Although not life threatening and does not affect the working capacity, vitiligo is perceived as a high-impact condition psychosocial produce inferiority complex and stigmatizing the sick person feels different.

In India, the country where the disease is found in a ratio improved and is very visible because of dark skin flare that can be seen through more intense contrast, patients are isolated from society, do not marry and are refused employment. It is naturally a great interest therapeutic solution. In countries with white population, people’s interest in this disease is so great, being socially tolerated. However, immaculate white spots on the skin of the child unsettles family.

It is believed that half of the patients are children and adolescents, the disease can begin at an early age. Educating parents, teachers and schoolmates of children with vitiligo has an essential role to create a favorable psychological climate of the natural development of these children. After all is not the worst thing that can meet human skin. The disease is not contagious, does not affect internal organs, does not influence the intellectual development. If little patients with vitiligo will perceive their illness as a handicap, this will overshadow social and emotional life. If, on the contrary, they see it as a disorder vitiligo they can live normal will be some winners with a real chance at recovery.

Today we know that the basis of this disease is the destruction of melanocytes, the cells that produce brown pigment in the skin, through several possible mechanisms. There is scientific evidence that immunity disorders, genetic mutations, some infections, stress, accumulation of toxic components can trigger vitiligo. Most autoimmune mechanism is supported hypothesis, that of attacking a population of antibodies, the body’s defensive army, and their own cells that produce pigment. Researchers continue to investigate other hypotheses to find a better therapeutic solution in the near future. The patient noticed white spots on the skin must be consulted a dermatologist because they are known numerous other skin diseases that can cause depigmentation of skin from ordinary yeast infections, simple to diagnose and treat, to form even skin cancer. Many of the doctors including David Paltrow (author of Vitiligo Miracle) recommends the set of analysis required accurate and complete diagnoses and propose treatment of vitiligo.

Vitiligo patients are advised to avoid physical trauma, which can lead to new lesions of vitiligo where the skin has been injured. They are to avoid cuts, grazes, very tight clothes, jewelry and objects that produce skin irritation. It is also indicated photo protection. The skin affected by vitiligo cannot tan, and adverse short and long of sunburn are well known and undesirable. On the other hand, healthy skin tanning will lead to a marked difference in skin color between affected and unaffected by the disease, increasing complexes sick person. However it is recommended by David Paltrow’s Vitiligo Miracle Review to controlled UVB treatments, medical devices with narrow wavelength.

Regarding treatment, are taken into account patient age, location, extent and damage stability, a useful classification is recommended for Vitiligo European Taskforce. Between dermatologist and patient with vitiligo is necessary to build a solid relationship based on trust, openness and availability to always choose the most appropriate treatment and topical. Featured are local treatments with creams that modulate inflammation and immunity, phototherapy. In India practiced surgical correction spots of vitiligo, melanocytes transfer from the healthy sick. Whites, the method has not proven as effective.

It should not neglect the psychological counseling of patients. Aspiration towards beauty was intot-size deauna that complemented the human soul. But often erroneous understanding of this concept has transformed the man into the victim own prejudices, unrealistic expectations, standards unjust. Skin appearance was a permanent feature important social considered beautiful. Recent studies have revealed the presence of depression in over half of patients with vitiligo and therefore confidently approach the disease is required. The progress made in recent years on research vitiligo had a major impact on understanding the mechanisms responsible for producing disease, so promising new treatments are being tested in the coming period.

There are ways to camouflage stains vitiligo, very useful for patients consider important hide these flaws. Next time you feel embarrassed by their own shortcomings, remember Cheri Lindsay, a young native of Texas (USA) suffering from vitiligo, a condition in which skin depigmentation appear. Cheri Lindsay managed to overcome their fears of their own image, to adjust in society and even to be successful, revealing and, in fact, the defect and demonstrating that there is beauty beyond the makeup or other appearances.


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