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What to Consider When Purchasing Raw Land For Residential Development

July 19, 2021

Buying your very own piece of land for a residential project is a noteworthy investment. However, there are key considerations you need to make before finalizing the deal on the piece of land. Being a residential development project, there are a few things you ought to set straight before deciding on the location. One of the very first things you should have in mind is the building opportunity of the location. Ask yourself questions such as will it cost more to prepare the location before commencing the project? Here are a few other considerations you may need to make.

The Zoning Requirements

Different regions have different laws and regulations when it comes to the construction of either commercial or residential. You have to thoroughly research the zoning requirements for the piece of land as well as the residential property you hope to set up in the location. You should also focus on the neighboring pieces of land. If they have the potential of developing into commercial properties such as processing plants or apartment buildings, then this purchase may not be viable. Remember to check with the authorities if there is any form of public infrastructure that may pass through the piece of land.

Financing Options

Having gone through the legal aspects of getting the land, you now have to focus on the financial part, such as how to get money for the land and the development project. There are various ways this can go. You can choose to exhaust your savings, borrow from family and friends, secure a personal loan or visit a hard money lender. These lenders are usually the go-to options for most real estate developers looking to find quick cash with very little to go on. Hard Money loans are usually tied to the value of the property as collateral and are mainly offered by private investors and companies. Be sure to exhaust your financing options before settling on one.

Access to Utility

Residential properties need affordable access to utilities such as water, gas, and electricity. Before purchasing the raw land, you need to figure out which utility companies are within the area and their rates. Take time to research and review the utility companies within the locality, comparing and contrasting to find one that satisfies your needs, both in terms of service and rates.


Before buying any piece of land, this should be one of the first things to come to mind. Since you are looking to set up a residential property, you not only need to focus on the municipality but also the specific location of the piece of land in relation to the surrounding community. You need to review the land’s proximity to amenities such as schools and hospitals.

Before purchasing raw land, you need to take your time, weigh your options and make an informed decision. Especially when looking to set a residential development project on the piece of land.

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