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What We Can Learn from Unforgettable Dogs and Iconic Cars

August 28, 2015

Movies and TV shows about dogs are often great fun, while we all love to see iconic cars on the big or small screen as well. So how about checking out some of the most unforgettable dogs that travelled about in iconic cars that we love?

The following are all much loved adventures with cars and dogs which continue to be incredibly popular. What sort of lessons, if any, can we learn from them?

Muttley in the Mean Machine

Muttley wasn’t really the main character in Wacky Races but Dick Dastardly’s sidekick was arguably still the most memorable of them all. When his boss’s plans went inevitably pear-shaped this cheeky dog let out his distinctive hoarse laugh. As for the car, this was a fantastic vehicle that would have been a pleasure to drive in any sort of race. In fact, if they had just stuck to racing as fast as possible instead of laying intricate traps they might actually have won a few races. If these characters teach us anything then it is that you should just stick to driving your car and enjoying the company of your dog instead of worrying too much about other drivers.

Hong Kong Phooey in the Phooeymobile

As superheroes go this janitor dog from the 1970s is there up with there with the best of them. His iconic Phooeymobile was also a tremendous vehicle. As well as being a car it could be turned into a helicopter or a boat. This is obviously a great advantage but our hero never seemed to take full advantage of this amazing versatility, instead relying upon his cat to save the day every single time. If this series teaches us anything it is that you should make the most of your car’s features. Assuming that you are driving it rather than your dog, you should both stay cool using the air conditioner, sunroof, convertible roof or any useful feature it has.

Scooby Doo in the Mystery Machine

Is there a more iconic cartoon dog than Scooby Doo? Equally, the Mystery Machine might be a van rather than a car but it is still incredibly cool after all these years. The good thing about this van is that there is plenty of room for the whole gang to move about in, meaning that Scooby must have been very comfortable in here while hiding from ghosts and other supernatural beasts. Perhaps this is the best lesson we can take from this classic cartoon series; give your dog enough space when travelling. If you have a big boot then you can add one of the boot covers for dogs and he will be safe and sound there without doing any damage to the vehicle.

Hooch from Turner and Hooch

This was a fantastic movie starring a young Tom Hanks and a cute big dog called Beasley. The story is all about how they get off to a really bad start and then slowly bonded over the course of the film. It is all good fun but what about when the famous scene when the dog chews up the interior of the car? That wasn’t so great, was it? If you are going to take your dog in the car then be sure not to leave him alone with the chance to do some damage in there. This also means using good car boot liners for dogs to keep the vehicle clean and tidy. You certainly don’t want to get to your destination and find that your pooch has caused the kind of disaster that caused so much hilarity among cinema goers in this film.

The Dumb and Dumber Car

This film wasn’t so much about a dog and a car but it features what we can only call a dog car. The famously weird Mutt Cuts van, to be exact. This is a hilariously weird vehicle that caused plenty of laughs when it first appeared on screen. What does this dog car teach us? To be honest, there are few life lessons to be learned from Dumb and Dumber. However, if you want to take something away from this wacky sequence then maybe you simply shouldn’t ever drive a ridiculous car that looks like a giant shaggy dog. It is far more sensible to take a giant shaggy dog in a normal car and have a brilliant time out driving together.

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