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Benefits Of Music On Children

August 28, 2015

It is pretty difficult to imagine a world without music. It is that form of expression wherein there is barely any boundary or limitations. Although the taste I music is highly subjective, the love for music is not. It is lesser known that music has therapeutic values as well, it is much more than just a hobby. Addiction to music is probably the only addiction with positive side effects. It has often been put up in reports and surveys that children who receive music lessons have better memory and reasoning skills. Enlisted below are a few points which would elucidate the benefits of music on people, and what kind of effect it has on children who have received formal training in music from an early age:

Social Skills are Improved

Music makes a person socially active, and also independent. It is often seen, music schools have group singing activities where bonding between the group leads to interpersonal relations. Children who went to such classes are known to be friendlier in nature and approachable. In adults, too, music is a topic of conversation amongst like-minded people. It is quite common in music lovers that they exchange their ‘knowledge’ of music with one another in the process of enriching themselves musically. This helps inculcate social skills in a person.

Intelligence and Logical thinking

Logical thinking and reasoning are improved a lot through music. When someone is trained to sing a song in a particular way, he/she has to remember the words of the song, the tune, the tempo and the feel of the song. This calls for a certain amount of brain activation. This betters the logical reasoning skills and this in turn adds to a child’s intelligence. Also, it stimulates the left brain which is responsible for processing analytical thinking.

Churns Out the Perfectionist in you

It doesn’t matter if you are self-taught or a qualified music academy student, a wrong note is a wrong note. If you can’t touch the correct note, you spoil the entire tune! Musicians generally keep repeating and practicing unless they achieve perfection. Listening to a piece of song improves this skill to a drastic level. You learn to be a patient listener and strive for perfection. Music hence, helps develop determination and patience in children and adults in their attempt to reach perfection. Children receiving music lessons are often found to be more precise in their actions and produce better results in comparison to children who have no exposure to music.

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