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What’s Missing From Your Store’s Customer Service?

January 28, 2016

Your customer service team is at the forefront of your customer’s experience. While advertisements and services may initially attract people, it’s the customer service that will keep them coming back for more. Follow these simple tips to ensure that your team is always doing its best!

Creating a Quality Team

Your customer service team should be enthusiastic, willing to help, and warm with all your customers. They are essentially the face of your company, and their interactions with customers will be stronger than any other type of advertisement. So how do you ensure that they perform their best?

First, you should strive to hire people that are naturally friendly and warm. And though even the best person can have a bad day, it’s your job to ensure they are always performing at their best while on duty. The single greatest motivator for this is by paying them fairly. While cutting corners on payments may seem economically sound, your employees will work harder and be more proud to represent your company if their paychecks reflect their worth.

A Knowledgeable Base

Have you ever walked into a store or called, only to find you know more about the product than the employees? Your employees must be up to date on all of the current products, services, and promotions in order to be taken seriously by customers. They must be prepared for any and all questions so customers feel their concerns are taken seriously. If your service team stumbles, or has to continually transfer to someone else, the customer will likely leave before getting what they want. Provide adequate training, and consistently update your team so they always perform at their best.

An Integrated Team

Along with common knowledge amongst your team, each customer service member should also have quick access to one another throughout the day. Whether this is in person or email, your team should be able to receive updates quickly. Some of the best services have teams that are completely in synch, while the struggling stores appear to have team members constantly out of the loop. Use technology where you can and integrate it in a way that makes communication and data access easier. A data management center like Cologix might be able to help find a flow to your organization and make the experience of searching easier for customers and employees alike.

All of the previously mentioned tips here can be implemented through a rigorous hiring process, consolidated initial training, and by continuous training throughout the year. If one of your team members falls behind, it is likely that the rest will start to fail as well. By improving your customer service team now, your company will prosper tomorrow!

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