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When To Hire A Tax Fraud Lawyer In Chicago

April 10, 2017

IRS Revenue Officers have significant power to collect past due tax and penalties from taxpayers. In real, these officers can enforce taxes against your incomes, retirement plans, bank accounts, escrow accounts and even business receivables. This is reason alone to hire a tax lawyer.  IRS also has extraordinary power and can even seize property and sell them off to pay outstanding amounts owed to them. The IRS regularly files claims against taxpayers who can’t fully repay their tax debt obligations and these claims show up on your credit reports, making it completely difficult for you to obtain future credit. Tax lawyer knows how to protect your rights.

There are some instances where only a tax lawyer will suffice.

Do make sure you Hire an Experienced Tax Professional

Tax case is your personal problem and the final outcomes will impact your wallet. That’s why you have the responsibility to make sure that your tax/legal team has the essential experience to make sure your rights are fully protected. It is important to ask queries concerning his/her IRS or Tax Court experience before choosing any tax lawyer.

Has the Chicago tax fraud lawyer ever worked for the IRS? Has the lawyer ever litigated a case in U.S. Tax Court (and what were the outcomes)? How many Tax Court cases has the lawyer personally handled in the past? How many audits and IRS collection matters has the lawyer handled in the past?  By asking these queries, you will be able to find the experience levels of the lawyer who will be handling your case, along with the law firm that will be representing you.

Do explore All of your Options

Most US cities occupy a qualified and competent tax lawyers. Ask for a referral from other professionals that you believe, such as a real estate agent, CPA, insurance agent, mortgage broker, financial planner, etc. Ask for referrals from your who have faced tax issues with the IRS in the past. Many IRS cases can be transferred or otherwise assigned to any city the taxpayer requests. The location of the lawyer is not nearly as important today as it was in the past.

Do Hire an Attorney to keep the IRS Away

In many instances, a lawyer is needed to resolve a case that has dragged on for too long. In addition, there are many instances in which the lawyer-client privilege of confidentiality comes into play with the IRS. There may be many different scenarios in which you wish any information you share with your tax lawyer remains confidential. But only an attorney can provide this type of confidentiality in all tax matters. You may also wish to avoid any further communications directly with the IRS and hiring an lawyer will require the IRS agent to deal with your lawyer and not you, sparing yourself any additional telephone calls, in-person meetings or other stressful communications with the government.

However, in many situations, it makes a lot of sense to consider hiring a tax lawyer. These would include any situation in which the IRS is alleging tax fraud, an audit that simply won’t end, an audit with a poor result that needs to be appealed, an audit that ends up in US Tax Court, an audit with complex or disputed legal issues, frozen assets, tax levies, tax liens, collection alternatives, and many other tax matters which involve legal complexities.

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