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Why A Hamper Makes Sense To Your Wallet

By alina
September 24, 2015

Exclusivity has its own charm but it also demands a certain price. A cheap hamper, some of us think just doesn’t cut an impressive figure. But that’s where most of us make a mistake. Hampers can be made as exclusive as any other gift by adding customised gifts or making specific, personalised choices. Here are a few reasons why the inner accountant in you will love a hamper:

  1. When you buy individual items from different places, you are not buying them on a wholesale or bulk basis at the same time from the same place. A hamper, on the other hand, means one large order for a company to fulfil so the chances of them offering discounts on the whole lot are much higher.
  2. You save an impressive amount of time in collecting for all the items from different stores, packing them together and spending money and efforts in hunting them down. A package that already includes all that you want to gift is a truly convenient gift for you as well as a thing gives joy to the person who receives it.
  3. A good quality hamper is created in such a manner that even after all the items in it are used, the hamper itself may be reused for daily or decorative purposes. Packing the whole lot in this attractive container of either wood, natural fibres or cloth becomes easy and even attractive, if done the right way.
  4. In a bid to attract more customers and to make shopping with a good experience for you, most hamper offering companies don’t charge you anything to post the hampers to various locations. Free shipping is a boon, especially for those who stay far away from all their loved ones and need to send multiple hampers at the same time.
  5. If you are one of those who like creating a hamper mix for yourself without the trouble of visiting hundred of stores to find all the items, then there is good news for you too. Certain companies now offer a host of products that can be mixed and matched with each other to create your own hamper rather than opting for one of those pre-prepared ones. Chances are, the products that you hand pick are better received and more economical than the usual hampers available from the company, so you could be killing two birds with one stone.
  6. You are spending your hard earned money on the actual products rather than the outer packaging or just for an illusion of beauty. People now-a-days are more interested in gifts that are useful rather than just pretty.

When it comes to presenting someone something, there are a lot of factors involved. The relationship with that person, your budget, your personal choices and your budget are some of them. When we talk about the most important or special people in our lives, we want our experiences with them to be special or exclusive. There are hampers for them all; you just need to look for the right one!

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