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Why Are New Homebuyers Asking Real Estate Agents To Hire The Company Local Records Office?

August 1, 2016

For the past few years many real estate agents have been hiring the Los Angeles based company “Local Records Office” but not for the reason you may think. Local Records Office offers services to new and potential homebuyers but why are real estate agents not interested in making business with this company? Potential homebuyers have been complaining that they want a more in depth history on the property they’re interested in. Information on a house for the past 5 or 10 years isn’t enough for most folks. Homebuyers are spending too much time and money on agents for lousy service.

Why Are Potential Homeowners Filling Complaints Against Real Estate Agents?

People who are interested in purchasing a home want to know the history and what the house has been through. It’s only right that folks who are spending hundreds of thousands of hard earned dollars in a property want to know what the house has been through. Many real estate agents only inform the potential homebuyers about the tip of the iceberg and not about how the property has been had foreclosure problems, 2 fires, burglaries and squatter issues. This is where the company Local Records Office comes in. Picture Local Records Office as a CARFAX but for your property or the property you are interested in. According to many customers, the company digs deep to find the HIDDEN history.

How Does Local Records Office Work?

With hundreds of real estate scams in the market Local Records Office takes the extra step to “generate a property history report” like they say. Local Records Office helps folks fight scams and fraud with these reports. This is how the company works: You contact customer service at 1(800) 790-0721 between Mon and Fri 8am to 5pm and you give them the unique address you want your report on and they will create it from scratch. The report will be sent to you via mail and it will arrive in 10-21 days. That simple. There is no online registration, contracts, Logins or other time consuming shenanigans.

Why Aren’t Real Estate Agents and Brokers Providing This Service?

It’s pretty simple. Sales. Most agents get paid commission on the sales they make; if they don’t sell they don’t get paid. That simple. So what they do is avoid telling possible homebuyers the real history on the property. The agents will try to make the house seem more appealing to the buyer when in reality the neighborhood is crime and gang invested. Most agents neglect to tell the eager buyer how the walls about to fall apart and how the basement severe water damage.

Is This Another “Here One Day, Gone Another Day” Online Company?

That’s a good question. Local Records Office has been in business since the early 1990’s and keeps growing every year. It first started in California and is now doing business in Florida, Washington, Texas and many more states. The company has grown so much that it got attention of many media outlets like Yahoo, Vimeo and YouTube.

Why Are Some People Receiving an $89 Letter from Local Records Office?

Local Records Office offers its services in many ways, sending an optional service letter is one. The $89 letter from Local Records Office is only for those who want the service and not any types of bill. Many people have been confused about the letter but I read the entire letter and it’s just a service like any other.

How Long Does it Take For Me To Receive My Property History Report?

We got in contact with Local Records Office and they said it takes about 10-21 business days. 10 days isn’t bad but 21 days is. I know the company might have hundreds of reports to generate but a faster mailing service is something they should work on, come on Local Records Office, what are we in? The 1800’s?

Does Local Records Office Offer Any Other Services Besides In-Depth Property Reports?

At this time Local records Office only has one service and that service is enough to keep the company busy. However, It seems like the more the company grows the more the service is needed by folks wanting to know more about a house or condo.

How Do We Contact Local Records Office?

You may contact customer service at 1 (800) 790-0721 for more information or you could visit their website at in the website you will find more information about the company and how it works with real estate agents and homeowners.

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