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Voonik – Discover The Women Within You With Different Clothes In India

August 1, 2016

Nowadays, being fashionable is an essential one in sort to create an impression and hunt for oneself. It comes with sense of style that assists in shaping an ideal characteristic of each person and goes a long way towards encouraging confidence. Branded clothing can be a high rated one, but it is effective it as the clothes is more suitable and long lasting. With a little forethought, it is potential to spend wisely and makes a positive and lasting attention. With the globe shrinking into one market, it has been enormously simple to access main brands irrespectively of the places one survives in. spending a little amount for the clothes to wear will go for a long way in making a good attention and will not just make you feel good, but also fills you with confidence. To fulfill these all necessities, you should get into a Voonik as possible.

An outline of Voonik online shopping

Voonik is a fashion hub for women, with an attraction on personalization. They trust all the women can be fashionable routinely. To offer this promise, they have developed sophisticated stylist suggestion functionality. Using their in-house Al firm, they assist purchasers to discover the most probable fashion that comforts their body, personality, lifestyle and cost. Here, in Voonik with playstore link they strive to give all the considerations that women need, a huge range of trendy products from among the universe and available at an affordable prices to comfort all budget and reliable shipping. Consumers can shop by using their official website or their official App that is available for both iOS and Android device, and choose from a huge range of dress materials, beauty products, and many more accessories. They keep increasing their product and technology assortment to make sure that it is the most comfortable and convenient shopping for all woman around the universe.

Major vision for Voonik

Voonik had established its shopping App, which is the first individual shopping app in India. The Bangalore based funded startup was began with a vision to be all the women’s individual stylist. It has a highly distinguished proposition of offering a free, individual stylist in an app to its customers. The app handpicks the best accessories for customers based on their skin tone, body type, and style preferences. It gives instant suggestions from stylists on the type of clothes that will match the customer, how to wear and what to pair them with. Voonik with playstore link also brings the comfortless of multiple stores on one single cart. With around fifteen lakh products from more than four thousand firms including top online stores and three thousand brands are available to attract customer’s attention in shopping for fashion that makes them look good. It ca delivers the largest catalogue of women’s products. It aims to become a master in the space of women’s fashion world. It is also aiming hundred million dollar GMV run rate in the next year. Their major aim is to change the way Indians shop and make choosing out the perfect clothes efficient than ever before.

How the world changing into fashion

India has completely gone around the universe, when it comes to fashion. The teenagers in the country are impressed by brand names and don’t mind spending additional amount, when it comes to owning a top brand around the universe. Making a style statement has become a niche for the Indian youth and that is why people can search several top fashion brands in India. When it comes to branding, it is not just clothes that attract your eyes, but even accessories. Hence, several fashion products are available at Voonik, which is very effective and available at an affordable rate. From this, you have learned the detailed information about Voonik.

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