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Why Boilers and Heating Equipment Are Essential For Businesses

August 20, 2021

Many businesses are unaware of the importance of heating equipment. This is particularly true for those who live in cold climates and have to use indoor heaters year-round. There are many types of heating equipment available, including boilers and radiators. Boilers can be used outdoors or inside your building, which makes them excellent options when you don’t want to run the risk of freezing pipes in your office space while everyone else is at home. Radiators work best as a supplementary system for people who already have an existing heating system installed.

There are many benefits of having heating equipment for businesses. For example, with the right type of heating system installed, you can cut down on your energy costs considerably during the winter months. Boilers and radiators also offer a more uniform temperature in an office space than traditional heaters do, which means that no matter where employees work within the building they’ll be comfortable all day long without having to constantly adjust their thermostat. Investing in quality burner service is a great way to get a handle on making your company’s buildings as green as possible while still being able to stay warm throughout the year.

The Dangers of Cold Temperatures in Your Building

A recent study by researchers at the University of Hong Kong has found that cold temperatures in offices can lead to illness including infections, stomach viruses, and pneumonia. With temperatures outside dropping to freezing levels, experts are advising workers to take precautions against catching a cold or flu this winter.

In the study, which was conducted on a sample size of more than five hundred workers in Hong Kong, researchers found that one in six infections was caused by a common cold virus. The same population estimates showed that approximately four percent of those who contract a cold will develop bronchitis and one percent could develop pneumonia.

Cold temperatures are thought to suppress the immune system as well as create dry environments which can irritate an already sensitive nose or throat. Besides, many viruses thrive in low temperatures, thereby creating an ideal environment for spreading germs when people congregate back into offices after winter holidays.

Make sure you invest in high-quality boilers or radiators if you want to save money and keep your employees happy. There are many reliable companies that can provide heating equipment in your building to keep you and your employees safe and warm.

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