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How to Make Your Basement Whole and Healthy Again

August 20, 2021

Many people enjoy quality time in the basement with their families. The room downstairs does not necessarily have to be used for storage. Basements can be transformed into offices, bedrooms, or playrooms. Separated from the rest of the home, they’re ideal if you need a quiet place to work or study.

Because it’s underground, the basement needs to be cared for. Its placement makes it susceptible to the weather during rainy or cold months. Should there be a flood, the basement is in danger of water damage. If you don’t check for mold or dust, you risk allergies that can make the room downstairs uncomfortable. If you want to keep your basement clean and healthy, be sure to fortify your basement, inside and out.

Check Outside

Many of the hazards in your basement originate outdoors. Check the foundations of your home for leaking water. Clear up sitting pools that might soak through the wall. Check the exterior of your house for termites and other insects that could cause damage. If you aren’t sure what to look for, hire an exterminator.

Get a Dehumidifier

If you live in a moist area, one of your greatest problems will come in the form of humidity. Buying a dehumidifier will remove excess water from the air before it can do damage to walls or the objects in the house. They can be costly, but they’re worth the investment if they keep your property safe.

Basement Waterproofing

If your house is in an area with regular rain, your basement risks rainwater leaking through. To prevent this, hire professionals to identify the source of the leak. Basement waterproofing includes sealing your basement to keep it dry and protected. The leaky areas aren’t always obvious, so you might not be able to spot them yourself. Trained professionals know where to look.

Clear up the Dust

Your basement, like your attic, can be filled with dust that’ll cause allergies. Deep-clean your basement, vacuuming in corners you don’t often check. Once you’ve removed possible allergens, you’ll be able to go downstairs in comfort.

Your house is your sanctuary. The downstairs basement can be a place to make memories. Don’t let water damage, mold, or allergens drive you and your family upstairs. You should be able to enjoy every corner of your home, so safeguard your basement today.

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