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Why We Should Achieve Our Goals Gradually?

July 9, 2015

It is an obvious fact that we need to discipline ourselves, especially if we become easily unmotivated to do specific things. Fortunately, there are simple ways we can do this. First of all, we should have a strong reason why we should take specific actions. It is an important thing, especially when we start to hit challenges. In some cases, we may feel that we don’t really have a reason to proceed further. However, by having a reason, we should be able to keep ourselves motivated and we will be drive to keep going. We should be able to tell if we are disciplined enough by observing whether we still want to proceed when we face difficult problems.

Reasons won’t allow us to give up and we should have very strong reasons when we want to do something. In fact, they should be so strong and they can keep us driven. Compelling actions behind our actions can help us create much better life. This is the moment when we need a dream board and it can be rather effective. In fact, such a tool can help us see our dreams and goals before we achieve them. The act of giving up should be associated with a sense of disappointment, although this may not always be a necessary thing to have, it can still a very good way to keep us motivated, because we don’t want to be disappointed with our failures.

There should also be a compelling goal to keep us feel disciplined. Unfortunately, some people expect to have dramatic and massive changes in their lives and this could be one mistake that many people make. This could work in some cases, but probably not with others. Massive changes could cause us to fail, especially when we have unrealistically high expectations. This would be a sure way to give up. Unfortunately, when people give up after failing to achieve unrealistic goals, they also stop doing realistic things. We should believe in increments and try to do the next thing that’s possible.

It doesn’t mean that we should have small expectations, but we need to take one small step of a time to achieve great things. This would eventually lead us to a much better life. Let’s say that we have a goal to perform exercises ten hours a week and it would be quite challenging to do it immediately, because we may need to slowly change our schedule to progressively match with our new goals. One very important question to ask at this moment is how much hour a week we can work out right now. It is still acceptable if we could only do 5 hours each week initially, as long as we have a clear idea on what we should do to achieve 10 hours each week.

However, we could unrealistically want to exercise 15 hours a week and this could be a rather big jump. Failing to achieve this when we are already at 12 hours a week, which is already good enough; can cause us to feel unmotivated and we may start to abandon our goal. In the end, we may hardly exercise each week, because we feel disappointed with our failure. It is obvious that we should take actions, but to achieve something big, we should achieve one small goal at a time. We could use this formula to achieve success and gain better results in life.

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