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How To Boost Rankings With PDF Files?

July 9, 2015

Many of use add specific digital assets inside our websites and they could provide users with quality and fresh content. Actually, these digital assets could allow us to get higher search engine positions. We could use PowerPoints, manuals, case studies and white papers to provide alternative content for users. We should use these digital assets to leverage our positions in search engine rankings. In fact, it s quite easy to transform many of these digital contents into PDF files. In reality, many SEO experts are questioning the actual effectiveness of PDF files in search results. However, we could see more than once that Google puts the actual PDF files on the search results.

It is really necessary to convert files into HTML format, because Google could still read various file formats. Google and other major search engines have evolved to the point where they could crawl, index and read PDF files. So, from SEO standpoint, PDF still represents a valuable content platform. Many website owners are still seeking to convert PDF content into HTML form, but they may not have the budget and time to perform this task. Deciding whether PDF content is a good thing for us could depend on the kind of PDF content we are using. In any case, we should know how to optimize a PDF content.

The first obvious step is to decide the type of PDF content that’s ideal for our website. This could depend on the type of PDF files we are having right now. The PDF content should also the potential of being converted into capable online assets. Optimizing a PDF file should be quite straightforward and it is important to use mostly text-based content. Search engines still can’t effectively scan images and if we need to use more images, it is a good idea to add captions. In fact, it is better to add images on our regular webpage, because it is possible to obtain additional traffic from Google Images and other image search services.

The text we us in a PDF shouldn’t be much different from typical web content and as far as SEO concerned, it is preferable to implement the same kind of text optimization techniques. Like any normal web content, we could include links in PDF content to make it more natural, especially if we provide links to authority websites. Search engine bots would know that we are having natural text, because we add links to websites that have been long trusted by other newer websites. We may also consider using anchor text, instead of putting the standard URL.

The anchor text should be relevant to the PDF content and the destination webpage, because bots could detect whether keywords on anchor text correlate with keywords on the destination webpage. From business perspective, PDF isn’t only intended for transfer through email, but apparently can be used to boost our search engine rankings. We should be aware that PDF will be better indexed if it is positioned in the right places. It means, we should put all PDF files at the upper areas of our site’s architecture. We shouldn’t bury them in areas that people hardly see.

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