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Work In A Factory? How to Protect Yourself From Repetitive Motion

July 23, 2021

Repetitive motion is a muscular disorder resulting from repeated activities you involve yourself in your place of work (factory) or any other routine work. Examples of repeated motion disorder include bursitis, trigger finger, tenosynovitis, typing, working on an assembly line, among others. This kind of disorder causes pain, redness of the area affected, numbness, and much more to your body. Below is how you can protect yourself from repetitive motion.

Take Safety Precautions with Your Tools and Equipment

Your safety should be your number 1 priority while attending to your shift in a factory. You should use safety protocols like putting on appropriate safety equipment like gloves, safety jackets, masks, and gumboots. According to a study, 40% of factory injuries result from workers using dangerous tools. Don’t be part of the statistics.

Take Frequent Breaks during Your Shift

Small breaks will help you protect yourself from repetitive motion disorder. You should have a walk, stretch your muscles, and flex your fingers and wrists from time to time. Read through the lines of the factory’s handbook on repeated motion disorder which provides tips for the workers on how you should protect yourself. The pain of standing all the time can also be averted by getting things like access mats. These types of mats provide a better surface to stand on instead of the concrete floor. If you are considering getting something like this, make sure to speak with your supervisor to ensure that it is permitted to bring something like this yourself.

Reduce Interaction with Harmful Tools

You should at all costs reduce your exposure to equipment which are harmful to you. Injuries related to harmful exposure are common and also a threat to employees in a factory. Injuries include coming into contact with harmful chemicals and being hit by equipment. You should be focused and keen while conducting a dangerous task. You should read the signage and be aware of dangerous places in the factory; this helps in protecting you from unnecessary injuries.

Take Time Away from Troublesome Activity

The repetitive motion disorder occurs when you overuse a part(s) of your body. If you give your tissues and muscles inadequate time to go back to their normal status, the muscles will strain, and then eventually, you will get an injury. Use appropriate equipment when you get back to the troublesome activity after your break.

Utilize Automatic Packing System in the Factory

Use available machines instead of doing manual work. This helps in the increase of production and reduces your workstation strain, which in turn increasing your safety.

Undergo Proper Training

Proper training helps you in mastering the appropriate technique you use to solve your day-to-day problems. Knowing the right tool to use while performing your work can prevent an injury.


A repetitive strain injury is common amongst people who do strenuous work. Most of these injuries occur due to not using the correct tools or a lack of knowledge on how to protect yourself. If you follow the safety measures above, you’ll be at the forefront of your safety.

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