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Writing A College Essay

May 27, 2016

When writing an essay, there are quite a number of writing styles, topics, and subjects. Therefore, this could be challenging enough when it comes to evaluating an essay. Keep in mind that you don’t write such an essay just to impress people but by expression oneself. On the other hand, if you are the one who’s grading the essay, it is important that you have to read particular points before the errors, spellings, and grammars. You should focus more on the content and structure before anything else.


In writing an essay, you have the freedom deciding of what kind of particular topic you should write about.  Typically, college instructors would not specify or assign you to write an assigned concept. Yet, you have to select a certain subject therefore, you must choose one that brings out some strong points that you’ve gained in your class.


The structure of your essay is important this includes the introduction, body, and conclusion. Your introduction would be the short definition of the concept of your topic. Again, the intro is very important and you have to remember that first impression lasts. Any addition to the topic you’ve selected will be discussed further at your body. It must be balanced, compare and contrast, cause and effect and the entire definition. It is important that the reader will be able to understand the concept of your work and therefore, the body must be always connected from the title. Otherwise, your work could be confusing. The conclusion would be the entire summary of your work and by all means your personal thought as well.

Attack One at a Time

The content should attack one point at a time by breaking down your essay which will be easier for the people to read. At times, your points and sub-points should be emphasized. It must be persuasive, descriptive, formal and informative.


Last but not the least is proofreading. It is essential to read your essay once and try to evaluate your work objectively. This is not as simple as it looks since it is your work, the grammar and style would possibly be compromised. This is why lots of college students and even professionals these days are looking for an online platform that offers to write an essay in 24 hours. But keep in mind that not all writing platforms are created equal and therefore you might get penalized over plagiarism. If you are still in doubt, you can always check your work over the web.

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