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You’re Busy Enough: 5 Types Of Low-Maintenance Flooring Options For Your New Business

September 10, 2021

Now that you’ve opened your new business, making a good impression on your visitors is a top priority. Undoubtedly, you need to have a clean, well-organized environment, along with the friendly, helpful staff to make a good impression on your customers.

However, as a new business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Keeping the floor clean is just one more burden. So, choosing low-maintenance flooring is very important. Let’s take a closer look at the five top low-maintenance flooring options for your new business.

Epoxy Coated Cement Floor

An epoxy coating applied directly to the bare cement of a building’s foundation is not only attractive, but it’s also very durable. Epoxy coatings are usually found in garages and other high-wear areas, but they can be applied anywhere. Best of all, epoxy coatings are available in every color imaginable, as well as patterns, so you can find something that will suit your business.

Dairy Brick

A little-known type of low-maintenance flooring, dairy brick is often used in restaurants and, of course, in dairies. While it looks like an ordinary red clay brick, it’s not. Rather, it’s made from high-silica shale fired at extremely high temperatures. This creates a non-skid brick that is akin to non-porous glass in density. Dairy brick is resistant to acid and high temperatures, making it perfect for kitchens and food processing areas. A hot pan dropped on this type of floor won’t dent or damage it at all. You can talk to a company like Archway Brick and Tile about installing dairy brick in your facility.

Hardwood Flooring

Classic hardwood flooring is surprisingly low-maintenance while imbuing your business with a touch of class. Maple, oak, and hickory are among the hardest, toughest hardwoods, making them a good choice. In general, they’ll simply need to be swept. However, don’t use hardwood flooring in an area that is prone to spills and moisture.

Natural Stone

Stone is among the most durable materials on the planet and has been used as flooring for millennia. Marble, granite, and slate are not only easy to maintain, but they also lend an air of sophistication to your business. Different stones have different densities and porosity, so choose the right stone for your business. For example, granite or marble is more suitable for a restaurant kitchen or bathroom, while porous sandstone would be fine for an outdoor patio.

Quarry Tile

Made from a mixture of clay, shale, and feldspar, quarry tile is extremely durable and non-porous. Also, the mixture is not poured, but rather, it’s extruded. This makes for an even denser, thicker, sturdier tile. Quarry tile is available in natural, earth shades of brown, red, and gold.

The key to a low-maintenance floor is that a simple sweeping and occasional mopping is enough to keep it looking fabulous. Choosing a low maintenance flooring can reduce the amount of work you need to put into your new business’s facilities, allowing you to focus on your product.

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