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How Does Digital Signage Affect Various Sectors Of Trade

By admin
October 14, 2015

As the millennial generation steps out of college and brings their business into the real world, companies large and small are looking for different ways to tailor their marketing messages to match their appeal.

Aside from attracting easily distracted eyeballs, digital signage is one the most effective and innovative ways to implement information into the mind of your consumers or employee within seconds. In any environment, large or small, digital signage can provide depth, brand awareness, inspiration, information and a dramatic decrease in print costs into your business.

Learn how the following sectors of business can be positively affected by digital signage:


If the first thing that comes to mind is giant electronic billboard hovering the streets of Time Square when you hear word digital signage, think again.

In retail, digital signage helps to create a completely unique and informative experience during your shopping. Instead of looking for a store representative to help answer a question about a specific item, digital signage is strategically placed throughout the store to give you answers before you have questions. By pigeonholing targeted messages, retail businesses can leverage sales by implementing a more efficient shopping experience for their customers, while helping to attract repeat buyers and brand awareness.


Digital signage isn’t just a great tool for business-to-consumer relationships; it’s also fantastic for internal communications within the workplace. Deploying information across multiple platforms of employee communication, businesses help to minimize workflow while leverage employee engagement.


Restaurant employees are often so busy rushing to take orders, explaining menu items, presenting bills, running hot food and a catalog of other menial (yet time-consuming) tasks that time is of the essence. The presence of digital signage in the restaurant environment helps to alter customer behavior in the form of questions, suggestions, pricing and promotional opportunities. Digital signage helps to take the edge off of customer demands, allowing you to receive better service.


Healthcare is often such an overwhelming and confusing experience for patients that they’re simply not enough employees in the world to handle all the questions and explain logistics. Digital signage helps to take the edge off of customer concern in the place easy-to-digest information that is attractively (and readily) available on screens during lengthy waiting periods. Digital signage can also provide patients with industry news, lifestyle tips, simulated testimonials, health suggestions and financial assistance.


With a flood of students overflowing many educational institutions, there is simply no feasible solution to manually provide enough information for every topic of interest. Between bus schedules, emergency messages, deadlines, entertainment opportunities, sports ticketing and so much more issues that provoke student interest—digital signage is breath of fresh air to the student body. Similar to how retail businesses strategically place digital signage in proximity of the subject matter, educational institutions can use this marketing tactics in the very same way. Whether digital signage is place outside near the bus stop, at the entrance of the business school, in athletic stores, libraries, health centers, etc., students can find the relative information whether they may be.

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