Spinning Mop and Bucket System Makes Cleaning a Breeze

Everyone loves a home with sparkling and spotless floors, right? But the biggest dilemma is how to keep them in optimal condition. Since banning everyone from walking around your home is impossible you need to find an easy way to clean and care for floors without ruining them.

What could be better than mopping? No, we are not talking about the typical cotton wet mops are grand moms used in yonder years. The cleaning tool has evolved over time. The latest spinning mop and bucket technology is being touted as the closest thing to scrubbing a floor as efficiently as getting down on hands and knees. Believe it or not but the system is terrific for daily floor maintenance around the house. Easy to manoeuvre, it makes clean up off spills, stains and dirt spots a breeze. Let’s take a look at how it works.

Adjustable handles:

The spinning mop and bucket system is designed to meet high standards of cleanliness and can be safely used on all kinds of surfaces ranging from sturdySpinning mop and bucket system to delicate. The handle is easy to put together, has a firm grip, and its length can be adjusted according to the user’s height.

Splash guard:

The water bucket with a foot pedal and wheels maintains a good balance, with no spillage hazards even when it is full of water and moving. Moreover, the pail comes with water level line thereby ensuring that weight is manageable.

Hands-free wringing:

The spinning basket built inside the bucket is operated by pressing the flexible foot pedal. Just dunk the microfiber mop into the cleaning liquid and place it into the basket. The amount of water needed in the mop can be controlled and wrung out by utilizing the spinning mechanism. As a result, you have a mop that is light, yet damp enough to swap floor sans any messy drips.

Microfiber head:

The mop head is crafted from microfiber material and can be used for both dry and damp dusting. The mop head doesn’t just push the dirt around but attracts and traps the tough grime, dust, pet hair, etc. The strands made from microfiber material possess ultra-absorbent qualities that quickly clean up liquids and spills.

Removable mop head:

Another advantage of the system is that the mop head can be removed and easily put back after laundering. This facilitates a better cleaning job because the tool doesn’t gather mildew or dirt. Also, you are spared the cost of replacing the mop.

Cleans hard-to-reach spaces:

It’s good-bye to cramped backs. Virtually no bending is required to operate the spin mop since its head twirls around at 360 degrees. This feature makes it easy to clean narrow passages, nooks and deep corners and under hard-to-reach spaces like furniture.

Easy Storage:

Last but not the least, the cleaning device is compact, fairly lightweight and portable which enables it to be stored anywhere, in a closet or under a sink in the washroom.

Well, this hands-free, environmentally friendly mopping system certainly seems like the ideal cleaning tool for all, be it youngsters, seniors or those who find swapping floors an ordeal.

After completing MA in Marketing from London School of Economics in late 90's, Ellina James chose to work for Marketing Research firms in Europe only.

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