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10 Benefits Of Eating Dark Chocolates For Health

April 8, 2017
  • Dark chocolates are a bit unorthodox as compared to other chocolates. What we mean by unorthodox is that unlike milk chocolates, dark chocolates are bitter-sweet and leave a long lasting effect in your mouth. They are unorthodox in the sense that they are sweets that are bitter in taste, and that is kind of going against the whole point of sweets isn’t it? Yet, there is a lot more to the dark chocolates than just the bittersweet taste.
  • Some varieties of the dark chocolates can be healthy for the heart, arteries, gums and other parts of the human body.In other words, dark chocolates can be good for your body. However, what needs to be kept in mind is that not all dark chocolates will provide such results. In fact, many may just do the exact opposite of what has been stated above.

  • The antioxidants called flavanols are present in dark chocolates made from natural cocoa beans. These antioxidants protect your body by reducing oxidative tension that is involved in the aging process. The flavanols taste bitter, and therefore the dark chocolates taste bitter.
  • However, not many people like bitter taste, so to make the chocolates sweeter, many food brands often remove these substances to make the bars taste sweet and not bitter. This removes many of the health advantages too. Although there is barely any way of finding out how much flavanols are present in the candy bars available for purchase, because the food brands generally do not reveal such details.
  • So how do you actually know which chocolate to purchase? The easiest way to do so is to purchase the darkest chocolate available in the market with the least amount of added flavors or other ingredients.
  • Do check the labels behind the chocolates, or the website, in case you are getting a chocolate delivery UK, check the specifications. This ensures that the highest quantity of flavanols is present in your chocolate and other ingredients do not prove counterproductive.
  • Another thing that you can do is purchase chocolates with an additional fruit flavor. What you need to keep in mind is that the fruit must be almost equally efficient as the flavanols, because otherwise there will not be a point.
  • There are many products that give this benefit, like a few Belgian chocolates or French chocolates with different flavors, which includes Orange Peel flavor and Acai Berry flavor. Both, the orange peel and the acai berry contain anti-oxidants, which make them healthy for you.
  • Many times physicians themselves recommend dark chocolates or red wine to various patients. Although not prescriptions, the intake of such products can reduce stress and help control blood pressure, and also give a plethora of other benefits. Do note that this does not make them entirely healthy.
  • Too much of anything is always dangerous, so keeping that in mind, you can safely go ahead and purchase dark chocolates, whether you are purchasing it for yourself or looking for the best gifts for her. Not every chocolate is healthy. Check the best one as per what your suits your body best.
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