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4 Great Employee Gifts That Double As Advertisements

May 11, 2017

Every savvy business owner knows that branded items don’t only attract the initial person who purchased or received them. A picture attracts more attention than words and promotional items that feature your business name, logo and slogan do the same every time anyone uses them at home, school, work and other private and public settings. This is the reason that employers often require their workers to wear branded clothing and flair or use branded items when interacting with people outside of the business. Yet, these scenarios aren’t the only times that a marketing strategy involving employees and branded items can help promote your business. You can also promote your business in a similar fashion when you gift your employees for their hard work. What types of branded items have the most impact?

Casual Clothing

Since workers at any business usually wear casual clothing in public outside of work, any type of casual wear customized with your business name, logo and slogan becomes free advertising, including t-shirts, sweatshirts and pants, jackets and athletic apparel. A professional screen printing company like Schilling Graphics can provide you with custom design, printing, and shipping services at an affordable rate.

Office Supplies

People have a habit of sharing their office supplies with those around them – especially writing instruments and paper items like notebooks and sticky notes. Gift your employees with branded forms of any of these items to make your brand spread quickly. Other commonly shared office items include squishy handheld stress relievers, staplers, calculators, rulers, tape dispensers, clips, and magnets.

Everyday Items

Workers often re-gift items that they receive from their employers. Everyday re-gifted items that expose the public to a brand on a frequent basis include travel mugs, umbrellas, tote bags, backpacks, portfolios, clocks, photo frames and albums, grill utensils, blankets, key chains and ID holders.

Gift Cards

If you sell products and services that your employees use, you can keep your money invested in your business by gifting them with branded cards for your business. Additionally, you can spread awareness of your brand by giving away branded Visa or MasterCard debit cards or co-branded cards for other merchant establishments printed with both your brand and the other merchant’s brand.

Branded gifts offer more benefits than traditional print advertising. They inspire recipients to share their positive experiences and show off and share their gifts. Additionally, they increase the desire of employees to become personally invested in a business.

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