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5 High Tech Home Features That Make Your House Irresistible

May 12, 2017

A recent report from Essence, a company that creates cloud-based Living Solutions shows that 56% of Gen X and Millennial consumers use at least one smart product at home. While the smart home may appear to be a concept most of interest to these two demographics, technology has made its way into home design. Home buyers are asking to be shown homes that have smart tech features. Homeowners should take notes and consider this new trend. Homes that possess one or all of the below features can bring a seller a generous return on their investment.

Self-Sterilizing Door Handle

It could have been a novelty product before the spread of contagious bacteria became such a pressing concern. Serious disease outbreaks in recent years, some of which were triggered by bacteria that can be picked up from objects such as door knobs, however, make this technology highly relevant. A self-sterilizing door handle prevents someone entering and exiting their home from having to take the risk of getting sick after they touch one of the germiest surfaces around. How does it work? The handle is sterilized by ultraviolet rays that run through it when it’s not being used, which means when the handle is in a resting position, sanitizing heat from the UV light is released.

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are programmable and can be used to heat or cool a home. They can be controlled from a tablet, a phone or computer, from which a user can set their air conditioning or heating to their liking by remote control. Traditional thermostats allow temperatures in homes to be adjusted manually. A smart thermostat, however, provides a homeowner with an ability to program a thermostat to change during the course of a day. It can be programmed to be on high heat during winter mornings, for example, but on low heat during cold afternoons when the kids are at school and adults at work. It’s fully customizable, just one more perk that buyers will raise their eyebrows to.

Central Vacuum System

A central vacuum system takes vacuuming and sweeping off a weekend schedule. Because of the way it is installed, it doesn’t push dirt, dust or allergens into the air. The central vacuum unit is often located in a basement room or garage, so it can run almost silently inside the house. The installation process doesn’t take much time and central vacuum parts can be bought pretty easily so you can extend its reach or do regular maintenance. The system is attached to a wall outside the home in a garage or cellar. It’s an absolute necessity for anyone who has more important things to do than chores.

Smart Sprinkler Control

Smart sprinkler systems are those that can be operated using Wi-Fi. They’re the most eco-friendly way to keep the lawn and other grass around a home hydrated, and they’re a must-have for residents of cities where conserving water is a major issue. These types of sprinkler systems aren’t incredibly common yet, so having one is a huge selling point for a home. Having one installed in the state of California, for example, can save a homeowner a fortune in fines for wasting water. These systems allow families to water and stop watering, their lawns from handheld devices.

In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speakers

Making a home appealing to a potential buyer requires more than just baking cookies to create an ambiance that makes it seem comfy. Expectations are evolving, and nothing has the wow factor that in-wall and in-ceiling speakers do. The music played on them seems to come from heaven. They don’t clutter shelves or floor space and make a room look ultra-modern and clean.

Homeowners increasingly want to be able to control things in and around their homes remotely, using the same devices with which they open their car doors or call their kids. It’s just a case of functionality. Smart tech lifestyles are easier to manage in a digital society, which is why high tech homes are of growing appeal.

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