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4 Great Examples Of Technology In Business And Warehouse Safety

March 30, 2017

Workplace safety is never a concern that should be taken lightly, especially when it comes to warehouses and other environments where sensitive or potentially dangerous materials may be found. From protecting substances from harm caused by excessive heat or a static discharge to providing workers with the equipment and resources needed to maintain a safer workplace, the following four examples showcase some of the ways that technology is being used to enhance warehouse safety.

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Equipment

Even a small static discharge may be enough to damage or destroy sensitive electronics. ESD equipment is essential for a variety of workflow processes involving the manufacturing of circuit boards and other microelectronics. ESD straps, bands, and smocks are also essential when it comes to working with potentially volatile chemicals and other hazardous materials which could be easily ignited by a stray spark.

Advances in Heavy-lift Equipment

Lift injuries are a serious concern in many warehouse environments. Heavy-lift equipment that is designed to lock-up in order to prevent workers from using devices in an unsafe manner has the potential to eliminate many of the most common and costly warehouse accidents that may occur. Next-generation equipment can also utilize features like gyro-stabilization as well as full or partial automation in order to ensure that the safety of the workplace environment is less likely to be placed at risk.

Industrial Cooling

Working with materials that need to be kept at low templates can pose a number of unique challenges. A powerblanket, drum or tank cooling device or other equipment that can ensure adequate thermal-regulation can be an essential resource for ensuring that higher ambient temperatures are less likely to create problems. Proper cooling is often of paramount concern for specific workflow and storage processes, and lacking access to the right resources may increase the risk of product damage or even accidental fires.

Decontamination Equipment

Even the most stringent safety protocols are not always enough to prevent every accident. Eyewash stations, safety showers and other types of decontamination equipment can be found in almost any warehouse environment where hazardous chemicals may be stored. A quick and effective decontamination can be of the utmost importance in the event of an accident.

Maintaining a Safer Workplace

The latest technology may be of little real benefit in situations where effective safety protocols may be lacking. Proper training and periodic assessments are drills can often go a long way towards ensuring warehouse and workplace safety does not become an issue. Employers would do well to ensure that their staff is able to utilize any on-site safety resources that may be needed in order to prevent or address a possible accident.

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