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4 Inspections For Your Home You Will Need To Perform Yearly

July 30, 2020

We all know that shelter is among the most vital of human needs. That’s why it is so important to have a home that is safe and secure. The only way to be sure that your house is as safe as it should be is to perform annual inspections. These yearly checks can confirm that everything is in working order, allowing you to live comfortably and with your mind at ease. These four inspections are especially important to complete every year.

Roof Inspection

A house without a working roof is barely a home at all. You’re counting on your roof to provide shelter and safety from the elements. If your roof is damaged, your house could experience leaks. A compromised roof is also vulnerable to further damage in a storm. Holes, cracks, and missing shingles are all signs that roof repair might be necessary.

Electrical Inspection

Electrical problems are not only frustrating, but can also be highly dangerous. Every year, you should make sure there are no trees threatening the wires around your home. You should also check for burn marks around electrical boxes or fuses, which could be evidence of dangerous sparking. Test that all outlets are working by plugging something into each of them.

Plumbing Inspection

Faulty plumbing can result in sky-high utility bills and costly water damage. Check for leaks in any exposed pipes, from under the sinks to beneath the ceiling in the basement. Look out for signs of corrosion on metal pipes, which can lead to leaks down the road. Make sure toilets and sinks are draining properly, and, if not, attempt to address the clogs.

Heating Inspection

A heating system can rust or corrode, which becomes dangerous if smoke or fumes are released into the home. Check the furnace for rust or excess soot. It might be a good idea to have a professional look at the heating system, since they will know exactly what to look for and how to fix any potential problems. If you heat your home with a wood stove, check for creosote build-up inside the flue. A soot-laden flue is a common cause of chimney fires, and you might need a chimney sweep to clean the area out for you.

Houses are far from indestructible. As they age, they are liable to fall victim to the elements and experience all sorts of technical or structural failures. That’s why it’s so important to check for problems every year.

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