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4 Smart Furniture Essentials To Make Your Apartment Feel Bigger

February 17, 2020

Sometimes it is necessary to choose a smaller apartment option, like a one bedroom instead of two, to save on your finances a bit. If this is the case, it can be hard to decide what you want to essentials you’ll keep around and how you’re going to make the space feel as bigger. To keep your new living area from feeling crowded, here are some furniture tips that can help to optimize the available space and make your apartment feel more spacious.

Less Is More

Avoid over-decorating your apartment to make it look great. Instead, invest in fewer pieces that are high quality and functional for your purposes. Your furniture does not need to be imposing to be attractive and comfortable. Organize your seating arrangements in small clusters or facing an inviting view, such as a large window or an aesthetic fireplace. Family members and guests will enjoy the setting as much as, or more than the furniture, especially if you are living in luxury apartment rentals. Opt for smaller-sized wall décor for subtle and attractive accents.

Decorate with Open-Concept Furnishings

Select chairs with open legs and armrests to create an airier feeling. Use a folding table or one with removable sections for easy storage when not in use.

Economically-designed furnishings like a flat-screen TV that hangs on a wall rather than sits on a stand will take up less space but provide the same quality viewing experience. Install minimal window-dressings to let in natural light and keep the walls from appearing cluttered.

Choose Stackable Furnishings

Vertical washer and dryer combinations take up less space than side-by-side models. Installing a microwave above the stove will free up kitchen counter space. Add shelving to closets to create more storage areas. Slender wall shelves in other rooms provide decorating opportunities as well as a place for flowers, lamps, and other items that would otherwise take up floor space.

Use Double-Duty Furniture

For guests, get a sleeper sofa if you don’t have a second bedroom. Use your dining table as a home office desk. Buy vertical bunk beds for the kids. For an adult’s full-size bed, get a design with open space beneath the frame for additional storage. If you can manage with an apartment-size refrigerator or stove rather than full-size models, you may have some extra space in the kitchen to store goods on top of the fridge or beside the stove.

Furnish your apartment simply with attractive essentials and avoid going overboard with large furniture and glitzy décor. Choose furniture that can perform dual purposes, and you should have plenty of enjoyable living space.

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