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5 Benefits Of Adding A Water Well to Your Home

October 22, 2021

A common misconception surrounding private wells is that they are only applicable to areas without access to the city water mains. This mistaken belief has been weakening over the years. Here are five benefits of installing a water well in your home.

It Is Economical

With installing a private water well, monthly bills will no longer exist during home budgeting. Hidden charges, rising costs, and municipal fees are also completely eliminated from your home.

The only expected water expenses arise from periodic maintenance and water testing. The quality of the water determines the degree of necessity for filtration or a water-softening system. However, these costs are minuscule compared to monthly bills.

Good for Your Health

City water contains numerous additives and chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine for purification purposes. On the other hand, well water is naturally purified, and this provides you with natural, additive-free water. Your water is also coming from your property. This means less distance to travel through pipes that might affect the taste. 

The taste of well water is superior to that of city water and is more refreshing. Naturally occurring minerals are absent in city water as a result of public water treatment. This negatively affects the quality of the water.


A well in your home guarantees independence from any contamination, which can result from broken water pipes required to carry city water for many miles to your faucet. Water well pumps also ensure that you remain unaffected during interruptions, such as a busted water main. 

Additionally, you control the water at its source. Chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals added to city water can be avoided if you have your own water source. If this is a concern to you, installing your own well will be more economical than filtering city water from the tap in the long run.

Improved Property Value

A water well that is friendly to the environment drastically improves property values. Factors that affect the property’s value are the quality of the water from the well, the type of the well, and the well’s age. A well with drinkable water allows you to avoid the payment of water rights to municipal sources. If you decide to move, the well’s added value can increase your home’s price point. Make sure you keep all the associated paperwork from the installation and subsequent upkeep to show proof of quality. 


Municipal water sources become drinkable and healthy through massive amounts of processing and treatment. This often requires significant energy input to accomplish. On the other hand, well water uses the earth as a natural filter and is also renewable. This means that there is no need to utilize environmentally harmful methods to obtain the water. If clean living is your goal, and you want to decrease your negative impact on the environment, this is one more step you can take to reach that goal.

Whether you live in the city or on a hundred-acre farm in the countryside, the benefits of well water are clear to see. Not only are the hydration needs of your home guaranteed through the installation of a home water well, but it is also more reliable, affordable, and healthy. Look for an experienced well drilling service, and for the best results, try to find one who has local installation experience.

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